Anne Larkin



Anne Larkin

writer, photographer, model,

Current Location

Hornsea, UK

Anne is available for work

Tenacious, highly adaptable, and meticulous enthusiastic team player, excellent at juggling multiple tasks and working under pressure. Outstanding testimony of success and has an integrated market experience with robust operational and technical skills within industries such as West Yorkshire Police force, catering industry, care Industry, transportation of learning difficulty (in both adults and children) and hygiene services. An imaginative, intelligent thinker, who leverages holistic vision and strong influencing skills to shape and deliver successful business solutions and positive outcomes. Determined to meet all work commitments to the best of her ability, active listening skills used always to enable full understandings, working creatively as a team player. Supported with the knowledge and experience to understand when she needs to reach out and ask for advice / guidance from mentors / colleagues.

  • Brands Anne has worked with
    • Anranliken
    • Far Grange Holiday Resort
    • National Coast watch
    • Student Bradford College
    • Perthshire Council
    • WYTS
    • Rentokil Initial
    • West Yorkshire Police
  • Anne's past titles
    • Writer
    • bar/restaurant
    • Station Watchkeeper (secretary)
    • Home Community Care Officer
    • Support Associate
    • Clinical Waste Management Service Integrator
    • Police Constable
Work Preference
Location Preference

Open to relocation

Work Pattern

Open to Full time or Part time work

Employment Preference
  • Freelance Assignments
  • Hourly Consulting
  • Permanent Positions



Apr 2020 - Now

I have written 4 books of poetry and one short story; 3 poetry books have been published with a forth book to follow soon the short story is in process of being published.


Far Grange Holiday Resort

Mar 2021 - Nov 2021

Bar work and restaurant, different shifts, food being served to guest drinks, cleaning bar area, restaurant area clean and tidy.

Station Watchkeeper (secretary)

National Coast watch

Oct 2017 - Oct 2019

Responsibilities include coastline surveillance, co-ordination with search and rescue services, as necessary. Detailed accounting and recording of coastal activities, sea and land movements, weather c...

Home Community Care Officer

Perthshire Council

Jul 2009 - Mar 2010

Responsible for the completion of home community care visits for elderly and learning difficulties.
Ensuringthe health & safety needs are cared for always.
Homeassisting, monitoring, and reporting...

Support Worker


Jan 2005 - Jul 2008

Responsible for the planning and completion of transportation journeys twice per day for children with learning difficulties.
Ensuringthe health & safety needs are cared for always, plus consistentl...

  • writer


  • photographer


  • computers basic


  • Amateur Photographer


  • Model


  • camera interviews



Not specified.

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