Jesus Fernandez Diaz

Aspiring couturier studying at Central Saint Martins | Interpersonal/Translating/Linguistics Skills | Seeking Entry level position in the fashion industry

Confident young professional with a background in Art & Design. The pursue of a good education and an active career has taken me to many places around the world. I seek to learn about other people's cultures to integrate them in my design philosophy, to develop a unique and rich visual identity in my work. Eager to leverage education and training in the fashion sector to support the growth and success of a high-performing organization. Strong track record of setting effective goals and leading teams to achieve those goals. Committed to an eye for detail and meticulous working in a high intensity environment.

Previous Brands
Lego Robotic
The Blacksmith Bakery
Work Experience
Barista & Front
Sep ‘22 - May ‘23
The Blacksmith Bakery

Worked as a part-time barista for this coffee and bakery shop. I was the head barista of my shifts and I had to work carefully under pressure to deliver the best experience possible to the busy customers. During this valuable time working for the company learned how to work effectively with a big group of professionals. I had to understand how to make exceptional coffee but without getting lost in the details to not slow down the busy bakery, after my training, customers were getting their orders 2min faster on average. This job taught me a lot about corporate and how a bigger company works.

First Lego League Challenge Competitor
Sep ‘20 - Jul ‘22
Lego Robotic

Being part of the FLLC meant that with a team, I had to design a Lego robot that could resolve different challenges in a small timeframe. The simplicity of Lego used to resolve complex problems meant that we had to design outside the box and be efficient with our time and resources as the same components often needed to serve multiple purposes. Each person in the team was responsible of a specific task during the competition and we had to trust and rely on each other to be successful. After the first year I became the Design Leader and with the new strategy our robot completed the challenges 30% faster for the second competition.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
Work Environment
Product Category
Client Help
Complaint handling
Product demos
Cash register
Inventory control
Stockroom management
Stock control
Store Maintenance
Education & Training
Central Saint Martins
Emily Carr University
Unknown - ‘23
Art & Design Foundation Graduate
Langley Fine Arts School
Unknown - ‘22
Fine Arts Highschool Graduate