Amit Kumar Sirohi



Amit Kumar Sirohi

Merchandising, Sourcing and Product Development

Current Location

Reading, UK

Amit Kumar is available for work

Merchandising, Sourcing and Product Development Versatile, results-driven professional with 20+ years of experience of comprehensive experience developing exceptional relationship with clients, peers, and senior leadership to provide sustainable business solutions. Superb project leadership abilities and personnel management skills with strong expertise in Design, Sourcing, Merchandising and Product Development. Proven problem solving and analytical thinking skills, a fast-learning curve, and ability to adopt to industry evolving trends. A dedicated professional with the drive and skill set to excel in a fast-paced leadership role enhancing a company's ability with quick response.

  • Brands Amit Kumar has worked with
    • Fab Production Pvt. Ltd.
    • Triburg Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
    • Concord Ventures
    • Spl Industries Ltd.
    • Adini Uk
  • Amit Kumar's past titles
    • Business Development Manager
    • Group Lead
    • Merchandising Manager
    • Director Marketing Design
    • Design Manager
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Open to relocation

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  • Permanent Positions

Business development manager

Fab Production Pvt. Ltd.

Oct 2019 - Now

Business development strategies including line building, merchandising, production, quality and claim issues. Market monitoring and identifying new trends.
•Interface between designers, buyers, merc...

Group Leader

Triburg Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Aug 2015 - Sep 2019

Leading the charge to increase base of Aerie (American Eagle Outfitters) / Reitman Canada and other EU Act. for Design, Product Sourcing and Merchandising.
•Reviewing factories and resolving issues ...

Manager Merchandising and PD

Concord Ventures

Jul 2010 - May 2015

Leading a team of professional Designer and Product Development Merchandiser to successfully generate the product and queries into business and the execution of samples etc. with time delivery.

Manager Design and Marketing

Spl Industries Ltd.

Jul 2001 - Jun 2010

With a team of professional Designer, Marketing and Product Development Merchandiser to successfully generate new design product and queries into business and the execution of samples etc. with time ...

Design Manager

Adini Uk

Aug 1997 - Jun 2001

The business was primarily in UK and thru cash n carry and Adini store on high street. For business promotion the PURE and PRIMIER were the sales point besides the catalogue and on-line.
•While team...

  • Product Development


  • Trend Analysis


  • Merchandise


  • Fabric Development


  • Sourcing Services


  • Production Activity Control








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