Yusuf Suleiman

Customer Service Experience

With extensive experience in customer service across healthcare and retail, I excel in enhancing client satisfaction through empathetic communication and effective problem-solving. Skilled in complaint handling, inventory control, and maintaining high standards of care and service, I adapt seamlessly to diverse retail environments.

Previous Brands
Edo Specialist Hospital Edo State
Edo State
Etisalat/9Mobile Edo State
Work Experience
Patient Experience Manager
Aug ‘20 - Jan ‘24
Edo Specialist Hospital Edo State

Edo Specialist Hospital is a State-owned tertiary healthcare institution that caters to a wide spectrum of patients in Edo State. It offers pediatric, surgical, medical, maternity, and child health services, gynecological services, etc. With more than 200 beds, the Edo Specialist Hospital provides care for patients with a variety of illnesses. Responsibilities: • Promptly responded to questions and concerns from customers to guarantee retention and satisfaction. • Led efforts to improve patient happiness and the entire experience by applying compassion and empathy concepts. • Performed routine rounds to interact with patients, offering consolation and emotional support. • Put into practice caregiver education initiatives emphasizing active listening, empathy, and individualized patient care. • Created and upheld patient-centered policies and practices to provide the best possible care. • Worked in tandem with multidisciplinary teams to plan patient continuity and smooth transitions of care. • Supported efforts to build trust and understanding through better patient-caregiver communication. • Oversaw the establishment of a warm and inviting environment for patients and their families. • Fought for patients' rights and choices, making sure that during the course of treatment, their opinions were heard and respected. • Kept an eye on patient satisfaction ratings and feedback, identifying areas that needed work and putting focused interventions in place. • Educated caregivers in patient engagement best practices, enabling them to offer empathetic, all encompassing care.

Jan ‘18 - Jul ‘20
Edo State

Chabis Bakery and confectioneries is a delightful bakery and confectionary that satisfies luxurious desires with delectable tastes and serves freshly baked pastries, snacks, and handcrafted sweets. Responsibilities: • Managed the bakery's daily operations, including inventory, production, and customer service. • Improved production from 3 bags of flour to ten bags daily. • Created and executed operational protocols to guarantee effectiveness and quality management. • Maintained ideal stock levels, kept an eye on inventory levels, and placed supply orders. • Verified adherence to food sanitary guidelines and health and safety legislation. • Created and implemented marketing plans to advertise the bakery and boost sales. • Responded to consumer questions, comments, and grievances promptly and expertly. • Examined sales information and patterns to find areas that could want development and enhancement. • Worked together to maintain relationships and negotiate prices with suppliers and vendors.

Customer Service Experience Staff
Jun ‘11 - Dec ‘17
Etisalat/9Mobile Edo State

Etisalat Telecommunication Company is a top telecom provider that offers cutting-edge technology, dependable networks, creative solutions for seamless connectivity, and top notch customer support. Responsibilities: • Promptly responded to questions and concerns from customers to guarantee retention and satisfaction. • Resolved intricate technical problems including billing inconsistencies, service outages, and network connectivity. • By using effective problem-solving and communication techniques, I was able to obtain a 95% customer satisfaction rate. • Introduced a new system for collecting customer feedback, which resulted in a 15% drop in complaints and a 20% rise in favorable comments. • Trained new hires, enhancing team productivity and cutting down on response times. • Worked with cross-functional teams to find and fix systemic problems that increased service dependability. • To guarantee efficiency and consistency, policies and procedures for customer service were

Retail Experience
Complaint handling
Client Help
Returns & Exchanges
Online orders fulfilment
Inventory control
Delivery processing
Stock control
Order preparation
Health & safety
Value Abugewa
Direct manager - Patient experience manager, Edo Specialist Hospital Edo State
Aug 2020 - Jan 2024

Yusuf has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and expertise in enhancing patient satisfaction at Edo Specialist Hospital. Throughout his tenure, Yusuf was instrumental in developing and implementing strategies to improve patient care standards. His strong interpersonal skills and empathetic approach enabled him to foster positive relationships with patients, relatives and colleagues. I am confident that Yusuf has the ability to excel in any organization, and will be a valuable asset. Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information.

Education & Training
Edo State
Unknown - ‘08
HND Urban and Regional Planning
Edo State
Unknown - ‘05
ND Urban and Regional Planning
Edo State
Unknown - ‘00