Lula Robinson



Lula Robinson

University student studying fashion styling and production at London college of Fashion, UAL

Work Location

London, UK

I am a highly motivated university student In my first year at London College of Fashion, UAL, studying Fashion Styling and Production. I have experience working in fast paced environments whilst facing deadlines and have proven to quickly build relationships with customers. I am looking to work in London part time alongside my studies. At the root of everything, for me fashion is where my ultimate passions lie and to have the opportunity to be in this field for work would be more than ideal.

    • twenty 12 hair boutique
    • Calcot



    Apr 2023 - Aug 2023

    For this role I worked as a housekeeper in Calcot&Spa hotel. This involved doing the evening turndown service on the weekends, as well as working as a team in the week cleaning the guests rooms and pr...

    Salon Assistant

    twenty 12 hair boutique

    May 2021 - Mar 2023

    For this role I was working part-time as a salon assistant in a hairdressers, in this position I undertook a variety of roles that have allowed me to build on some vital skills. I regularly greeted cu...

    Retail Experience
    • Greeting
    • Client Help
    • Complaint handling
    • CRM
    • Store Maintenance
    • Stock control


    Not specified.

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