Nicola Danilo Panciera


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Nicola Danilo Panciera

Product Development Director

Current Location

Treviso, Province of Treviso, Italy

Nicola Danilo is open to new work opportunities

"I work with three goals in mind. I firmly believe that an item of clothing must satisfy one's natural desire to stand out and look better. Secondly, the customer's expectations shift to the relationship between cost and important aspect of technical quality. Thirdly, the manufacturer must be aware of legislative and ethical requirements such as the Eco-sustainability of the production chain. The final product is the sum and delicate balance of these three fundamental elements, the result of the research, knowledge and development of the technical team".

  • Brands Nicola Danilo has worked with
    • Benetton Group Spa
    • Meidea Srl
    • Studiomaglia Srl
    • Tintoria Stefani Spa
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Head of Product Development

Benetton Group Spa

Oct 2019 - Oct 2021

Head of Product Development for UCB & Undercolors - Engineering, materials, sourcing & product development. This team covers the roles of raw materials sourcing, pattern makers, technical garment shee...

Head of Raw Materials Sourcing

Benetton Group Spa

Mar 2008 - Sep 2019

Department Manager for the international sourcing of fabrics, trims and treatments. Whilst also providing trend research, market analysis and technical/aesthetic innovation to stimulate the brand and ...

CO-Founder / Director

Meidea Srl

Jan 2004 - Mar 2008

Meidea is a fashion trend and production development consultancy that I co-founded in 2004 with the focus on cool hunting and providing the latest innovate market trends and production methods to a va...

Founder / Director

Studiomaglia Srl

Jan 1997 - Jan 2004

Studiomaglia was a fashion textile consultant company I founded in 1997 that merged with Meidea in 2004. I have been focused on:
-Specialisation in fabric research and development for clients across ...

Fabric specialist

Benetton Group Spa

Jan 1991 - Jan 1997

Fabric and finishing specialist, managing knitting fabric research and development department. Main roles:
-Research, development and industrialisation of new fabrics following the Benetton Group bra...

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