Nicola Danilo Panciera

Product Development Director

"I work with three goals in mind. I firmly believe that an item of clothing must satisfy one's natural desire to stand out and look better. Secondly, the customer's expectations shift to the relationship between cost and important aspect of technical quality. Thirdly, the manufacturer must be aware of legislative and ethical requirements such as the Eco-sustainability of the production chain. The final product is the sum and delicate balance of these three fundamental elements, the result of the research, knowledge and development of the technical team".

Previous Brands
Benetton Group Spa
Meidea Srl
Studiomaglia Srl
Tintoria Stefani Spa
Work Experience
Head of Product Development
Oct ‘19 - Oct ‘21
Benetton Group Spa

Head of Product Development for UCB & Undercolors - Engineering, materials, sourcing & product development. This team covers the roles of raw materials sourcing, pattern makers, technical garment sheets, industrialisation, prototypes, product developers and garments sourcing in the respective departments of the Italian Headquarters and part of them in their corresponding hubs located in Hong Kong, Delhi, Dhaka and Cairo.

Head of Raw Materials Sourcing
Mar ‘08 - Sep ‘19
Benetton Group Spa

Department Manager for the international sourcing of fabrics, trims and treatments. Whilst also providing trend research, market analysis and technical/aesthetic innovation to stimulate the brand and design department. Main focuses: -Implementation of the first "outsourcing" raw material department. -Research, catalog and codification of the new seasonal raw materials library from international suppliers, identifying key fabrics and innovation at competitive prices for easy and accessible use by the internal design and merchandise team. -Sourcing and quality control of raw materials from/in Asia Pacific, China, India, Eastern Europe and Africa for all 7 brands of Benetton Group S.p.A. -In-sourcing and out-sourcing raw materials department including; fabrics and fabric development, printing, components, trims, garment dying and treatments. -Financial organization and budget management for the whole department. -Work with sales predictions for advance ordering of raw materials and analysis of production requirements versus sales targets. -Supervision of the application of stringent supply chain safety tests and laws eg. European REACH standard by 2020.

CO-Founder / Director
Jan ‘04 - Mar ‘08
Meidea Srl

Meidea is a fashion trend and production development consultancy that I co-founded in 2004 with the focus on cool hunting and providing the latest innovate market trends and production methods to a vast and diverse clientele across the fashion spectrum. I have managed a small dynamic team of 5 people, specialising on fabric trend research and analysis, personally conducting regular seasonal world wide cool hunting and tendency research of cultural lifestyle trends for fabric mills, accessory producers, components, product design and garment treatments.

Founder / Director
Jan ‘97 - Jan ‘04
Studiomaglia Srl

Studiomaglia was a fashion textile consultant company I founded in 1997 that merged with Meidea in 2004. I have been focused on: -Specialisation in fabric research and development for clients across the fashion spectrum. -Provision of new fabric innovation (construction/weaving/ finishing) and their industrialisation for production.

Fabric specialist
Jan ‘91 - Jan ‘97
Benetton Group Spa

Fabric and finishing specialist, managing knitting fabric research and development department. Main roles: -Research, development and industrialisation of new fabrics following the Benetton Group brands requests -Weekly travel to European and Mediterranean suppliers -Garment quality control and production department -Collaboration with other brand designers of the Benetton Group.

Dyeing / Finishing Technician
Jan ‘88 - Jan ‘91
Tintoria Stefani Spa

Stefani was a dyeing and finishing factory founded in 1968. I used to work in the dye house with the responsibility for color recipes, laboratory work and tests, specially: Dye house of color recipes, laboratory work and tests, cone dyeing, hank dyeing, fabric dyeing, fabric finishing, quality control of raw and finished fabrics.

Director of Product Development
Oct ‘21
Benetton Group Spa

Director of product development for all methodologies. Main focus on: -Organisational change in a matrix structure system with two main projects of industrialisation and marketing. My function crosses and organisationally manages the two projects, ensuring the correct development (from the merchandising plan to the production phase). -Reorganisation of product development flows by delocalising development activities to industrialised foreign platforms and commercialised garment vendors. -Reduction of internal staff in my work area by 35%.

Italian - Fluent
English - Fluent
31100 Treviso, Province of Treviso, Italy