Hamouday Bittar

Retail sles Assistant/ Stock room assistant

With hands-on experience as a sales assistant and brand ambassador, I excel in delivering attentive customer service and product knowledge. Skilled in merchandising and fostering loyal relationships, I thrive in high-paced retail environments, ensuring customer satisfaction across various product categories.

Previous Brands
YBM Marketing Global
Office Shoes
Soho Bar Torquay
Work Experience
Brand Ambassador
Jan ‘24 - Now
YBM Marketing Global

As a brand ambassador, I embodied the values, personality, and image of the brand I was representing. Serving as the face of the brand, often appearing in advertisements, face-to face sales, events, and promotional materials. I was also responsible for building brand awareness among their followers and target audience. I also served as a valuable source of feedback and insights for the brand. My interactions with consumers provided me with firsthand information about consumer preferences, market trends, and areas for improvement which I could then report back to the brand.

Sales Assistant
May ‘23 - Oct ‘23
Office Shoes

Working as a customer assistant required me to greet customers and offer assistance with selecting merchandise. I always provided service with a smile, offering courteous, helpful advice to meet customer needs best. I created loyal, profitable customer relationships, asking open-ended questions to assess and cater to individual needs. I guaranteed high levels of customer satisfaction through product knowledge and attentive service. I made sure the store was aesthetically pleasing by arranging the shop floor to its original look.

Temp Catering Staff
Feb ‘23 - Apr ‘23
Soho Bar Torquay

Employment as a porter taught me how to work effectively in a fast-working environment maintain a bright positive attitude and deliver exceptional customer service. I monitored each customer to ensure them was promptly taken care of when ordering to prevent service disruptions. Furthermore, I improved workflow between kitchen and service teams to optimise productivity. Working as a porter helped me master skills across various kitchen roles, providing support in alternative positions during staff absences. Also ensuring that dining areas are prepared exceptional presentation.

Front of House Staff
Apr ‘22 - Nov ‘22

Employment as a front-of-house assistant required me to help resolve enquiries from clients, vendors and the general public. I delivered front-of-house duties such as answering queries on the phone, operating tills as well as online orders. warmly and professionally. I increase revenue by engaging in generic conversations with customers as well as keeping the reception area clean and neat to give visitors a positive impression of the company. Furthermore, I have experience in working at the delivery counter, processing delivery orders and ensuring online orders were correct.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
High street store
Shopping centre
Flagship store
Travel retail
Product Category
Beauty & Fragrances
Leather goods
Watches & Jewelry
Client Help
Product setup
Product labelling
Store Maintenance
Open/closing store
Client Advising
Online orders fulfilment
Cash register
Returns & Exchanges
English - Fluent
Arabic - Basic
Education & Training
University of Greenwich
‘20 - ‘22
Bachelor of Science