Joel Vilone

I'm a very charismatic and down to earth person. I enjoy sociality and experiencing the tastes of different foods.

Experienced retail professional with a passion for customer service and sales. Excelled as a Shop Assistant at Footlocker, demonstrating strong product knowledge and client satisfaction. Flexible, adaptable, and fluent in multiple languages, ready to thrive in dynamic retail environments.

Previous Brands
Cote Braserie-London
Olympic Studio's.-London
MagicMail-Frankfurt am Main
Momondo Car Hire-London
Footlocker London
Eagle Dry Cleaners-London
Work Experience
Apr ‘23 - Feb ‘24
Cote Braserie-London

I had the opportunity of working at a very known and very magnificent brasserie by the name of Cote which is a French term. They serve amazing food dishes and a catalogue of different types of drinks. My role at this restaurant was to manage the floor on one side of the restaurant and to take care of the diners of Cote. At the time I spent at this upstanding business, I was able to meet a bunch of zealous and like-minded staff who held the slogan of this company, "Each and every patron who comes to this enterprise leaves the doors of the brasserie with a giant smile on their face". I really enjoyed working with the different foods from France and other countries from across the world, I really got a taste of the world through my job here and I also got acquainted with cocktails that I'm not really use to living in London. Having the chance, I would love to work here again or a restaurant similar to this and build a career with this establishment. The reason for my withdrawal from this Job is for educational reasons, I was in the course of an institutional program and I left my work to get this course finished.

Feb ‘22 - Jan ‘23
Olympic Studio's.-London

I have been working as a waiter at a café/restaurant that goes by the name of Olympic Studios. What I love about this role is being able to serve customers with finely cooked foods and prepared beverages of the customers choice from the delightful menu that is provided by the restaurant. Having the opportunity to provide professional and nurturing hospitality really puts me a step forward into achieving my goals and the companies. There is a lot of handling and management skills that come with this role which I have picked up on since the start of my first job. I have been able to learn more and more new skills every time I come into work as I take on the role of a Waiter. Olympic Studios is different from my first job at Lords Cricket Ground where I served customers watching a live sports event, instead, at this work place I was serving customers from different parts of the world because this cuisine is a favourite choice for people coming on holiday to London, so I've been able to serve different types of customers from different parts of the world, which I feel gave me the confidence to interact with anyone.

Warehouse Operative
Mar ‘21 - Dec ‘21
MagicMail-Frankfurt am Main

The company I worked for was called MagicMail, and this role consisted of me filing papers and organising them in different sections and departments of the workplace. It also involved moving a lot of heavy equipment and using complex machines. What I managed was a section of the company where I was handed mail and personal information of clients in certain area codes, so it was important that I operated and handled these pieces of information with care. I enjoyed this job because I was able to make my clients happy by taking care and handing them their personal items and having that trust and relationship with my all of my clients as I took care all of my clients with the same enthusiasm and eagerness. I also enjoyed the "boring' and "disliked" part of the job, involving the paperwork/filing and heavy lifting and cleaning the workplace after successfully completing all my tasks of the day. I would consistently receive praise from my clients which would encourage my supervisor to call me to work extra hours.

Sep ‘18 - Feb ‘21
Momondo Car Hire-London

Momondo is a car hiring company based in London with multiple shops located all across the United Kingdom. They offer car hire's specifically for clients who have just come from a different country and are in a need of a car. As a receptionist, I handled clients that varied from CEO's of big companies outside of the UK to families visiting the country for a vacation. Being able to work with different types of customers helped me develop and broaden my skills and communication awareness, this meant that I would be able to interact and be of service to the bracket of customers that come to this company. My motto which helps me achieve my tasks during my role at this job is "The needs of my client come before anything else". What made me love about working for this business is their ability to meet their customers demands in most course of events, and their mentoring of their employee's during the tasks at hand. I was able to learn things to add to my forte of skills and develop my own skills individually.

Retail Assistant
Aug ‘16 - Dec ‘17
Footlocker London

Foot Locker was one of the places associated with retail that I enjoyed the most. From having a wide range of different branded shoes to having great employees, I was really able to learn and develop communication and my sales skills. Day to day consumers from all of the over world show up to the store looking for brand new exclusive shoes, this helped me understand the way clients outside of my language barrier and habitat zone think, what their interests are and what their dislikes are. Having this knowledge, I could comfortably match my guests with their desired choice of footwear and make their visit to this company delightful. Another benefit of working in retail is having the ability to work with a partner in finding our guests the right pair of shoes that their are looking for.

Sep ‘14 - Mar ‘16
Eagle Dry Cleaners-London

As a receptionist for a high-class dry cleaning company by the name of the "Eagle Dry Cleaners", I had to attend to several customers a day while managing each of their personal belongings which if I wasn't careful would lead into a lot of trouble. This role required me to be attentive, cautious during the care of other people's possessions and work in time to do handle all of the companies client's requests and demands. Even though this role is operated individually, the job did not get boring because their was a lot of tasks at hand and it did not get hard because my focus was on the project at all times which allowed me to get all assignments done quickly and efficiently. One of my traits is 'listening' so all of my managers or supervisors commands were met and completed thoroughly. This trait also helped me get all of the details of my clients into the businesses systems correctly, with correct allocated time and the exact chosen date.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
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Department store
Shopping centre
High street store
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Leather goods
Watches & Jewelry
Client Help
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Online orders fulfilment
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Joshua Vilone
Worked together but different companies - Waiter, Cote Braserie-London
Apr 2023 - Feb 2024

an exceptional and devoted employee with great interpersonal skills

Italian - Work Proficiency
English - Native
French - Work Proficiency
Amharic - Native
Education & Training
‘22 - ‘22
Master of Science in Finance
Google Digital Garage
‘22 - ‘22
Certificate of higher education in The Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing
Goldsmith University
‘13 - ‘15
Bachelor's in Media Communications
Hammersmith Academy
‘11 - ‘13
Extended Diploma Level in Creative Media