Chandana Satish

Communications Manager

With nearly 3 years in customer-focused roles, my expertise lies in providing exceptional service and multitasking efficiently. Skilled in CRM, complaint handling, and client advising, I thrive in dynamic retail settings, ensuring personalised attention to every customer's needs.

Previous Brands
Bindass Restaurant Bexleyheath
Work Experience
Oct ‘23 - Jan ‘24
Bindass Restaurant Bexleyheath

• Provided excellent customer service by greeting patrons, taking orders and addressing any questions or concerns. • Eficiently managed multiple tables by taking orders, serving food and beverages, and ensuring timely delivery of orders. • Maintained cleanliness and organization in the dining area, including setting tables, clearing dishes, and cleaning surfaces. • Handling transactions accurately, including processing payments and managing cash registers. • Remained attentive to patrons' needs throughout their dining experience and provided personalized service. • Assisted in other areas of the restaurant as needed, such as hosting and catering events.

Associate Quality Assurance Engineer/ Operations Analyst
Jul ‘21 - Sep ‘23

• Audited company products to identify areas of concern and improve eficiency. • Collated and Analysed calls, chats, emails to identify possible gaps and deliver better customer experience/ satisfaction. • Performed root cause analysis for detected faults and developed corrective actions. • Generated reports and dashboards using Salesforce on a weekly and monthly basis. • Audited cases for almost all the products and provided feedback to the management. • Audited and analysed cases of engineers and helped them achieve good CSAT scores. • Coached engineers who had been under performing and helped them achieve 100% CSAT scores. • Created standard case audit rubrics as per the required protocols and performed case audits. • Developed inter-disciplinary cross-training programs to expand competencies among employees.

Associate Customer Communications Manager
Dec ‘20 - Jul ‘21

• Trained all the new hires on basic communication and soft skills. Trained overseas clients( US and Philippines) on basic customer service skills and etiquette. • Hosted webinars to educate the customer about the existing products and any new products that were yet to be released. • Hosted webinars to troubleshoot any issue that were faced by the customer while using the products. • Designed and sent out newsletters to internal teams and customers that were using the products which contained information about new product releases.

Retail Experience
Complaint handling
Client Help
Client Advising
Education & Training
University of East London
‘23 - ‘24
Master of Business
MVJ College of Engineering
‘16 - ‘20
Bachelor of Engineering