Nirmal Dhiman



Nirmal Dhiman

User Experience : User Interface : Product : SAAS : Creative Direction

Current Location

Crawley, UK

Nirmal is available for work

I have 23 years of design experience.
13 years at creative and marketing agencies, 10 years in-house.

I have established visual design, digital, and user experience capabilities, and have helped to build and run studios.

— Was Senior UX Designer at BORN Group.
— Was Lead Product Designer for iSalon's suite of retail software, cloud SAAS platforms, and customer apps.
— Voted as the inaugural 'Most Valued Player' in 2015, I attended the President's Club in Jamaica.
— Consultant UX/UI/CX designer within Jonas Software's UK group.

Award-winning work for an enviable list of clients: startups, household brand names, manufacturers, global corporations, and world-famous entertainers.

Sectors include Software, Financial, Fintech, Insurance, Music, Entertainment, Games, Education, FMCGs, Retail, Advertising, Beauty, Hospitality, Technology, Manufacturers, Petrochemicals, Government, Charities & Travel.

— Client apps
— E-commerce flows
— Till EPOS and bookings
— Enterprise/SaaS
— Complex business/data software
— Mobile, web, Windows, iOS, Android

— Industry awards & recognition for clients
— Long-term, retained clients
— MVP award

— B2B - Increase in product sales and adoption
— B2C - Increase in clicks, sign-ups, sales & bookings

— Visual design
— Customer focussed design
— Design across digital and physical interface
— Digital transformation
— Legacy/new software
— Task flow design

— Team/department lead
— Account management
— Portfolio reviews
— Intern/work experience staff

— Product roadmap
— Strategy
— Jira
— Agile Scrum, Kanban
— Lean UX
— Specification and feature set
— End-to-end product lifecycle

— User-centred approaches
— User research, interviews, observation
— Data insight to inform/improve projects
— Host collaborative design/ideation sessions
— Design Sprint approach to shape the product
— Map user/service flows
— Usability testing

— Art direction
— Brand, identity
— Concepts and visualisation
— Design systems
— Information, content layout
— Art, illustration
— Icon, typeface
— Animation
— Video

— Hands-on ideation, sketches
— Paper, physical, digital, interactive prototypes
— Wireframes > high-fidelity visuals
— Mobile-first, responsive design
— Design/Dev workflows

— Digital advertising
— Social networks
— Landing pages
— Brochures/ads
— Print

— Touchscreen, multi-device design
— Video/audio streaming
— Soft/hard physical input
— Human factors, ergonomics
— Voice interface

  • Brands Nirmal has worked with
    • BORN Group
    • Salon Software Solutions Ltd
    • Integrity Software
    • The Unit (GB) Ltd.
    • BLAZE Design
    • Connect Internet Services
    • Bay Studios
  • Nirmal's past titles
    • Senior User Experience Designer
    • UX/UI Designer
    • Application Architect
    • Senior Web Designer
    • Senior Web Designer
    • Web Design Manager
    • Sign Designer
    • Graphic Artist
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Location Preference

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Work Pattern

Open to Full time or Part time work

Employment Preference
  • Hourly Consulting
  • Permanent Positions
  • Freelance Assignments

Senior User Experience Designer

BORN Group

Feb 2022 - May 2023

I worked on a range of different projects, covering research, service and design and research for international Design Transformation projects.

This entailed working in cross-functional and internati...

UX / UI Designer

Salon Software Solutions Ltd

Apr 2014 - Jan 2022

I am the lead designer, responsible for UX / UI / Service and Visual Design iSalon suite of retail and software products.

In 2015, after bringing innovation to the company's software range I was vote...

Application Designer

Integrity Software

Aug 2012 - Apr 2014

Integrity had several software divisions based in the UK.
With an established client-base these operated in different verticals since the 1990s.

I was hired to be the company's first designer, in wha...

Senior Web Designer

The Unit (GB) Ltd.

Jun 2006 - Aug 2012

Not long after The Unit was started, I was asked to join as the first employee.

I was integral to establishing it as a leading digital and user-centered design studio.

I enjoyed helping to run the s...

Senior Web Designer

BLAZE Design

Jan 2001 - Jun 2006

Blaze Design was a successful design and print studio.

I was hired to bring digital creativity to the new digital design department.

Blaze worked closely with SMP marketing agency, a multi-award win...

  • User Flows


  • User Experience Design (UED)


  • User Interface Design


  • User Research


  • Website Consultation


  • Brand Communication


  • Animation Direction


  • Advertising Strategy


Not specified.

University for the Creative Arts

Visual Communication

1994 to 1998

Kent Institute Of Art and Design

Visual Communication

1994 to 1998

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