Michael Ashley


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Michael Ashley

Retail Manager

Current Location

London, UK

Michael is open to new work opportunities

Resume Summary Retail manager with experience in all areas of sales and operations. Accomplished in opening a sustainable lifestyle store. Competent in implementing solution-based processes and strategies for independent brands. A self-motivated individual ready for a new challenge. ㅡ

  • Brands Michael has worked with
    • Pantechnicon
    • You Must
    • Atelier Akeef/
    • Akeef
  • Michael's past titles
    • Retail Manager
    • Retail Manager
    • Founder
    • Retail Manager
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To be discussed

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Open to Full-time work

Employment Preference
  • Permanent Positions

Retail Manager


Aug 2020 - Present

Recruited and led a team of 10 to drive sales across two floors of retail.
●Achieving £1.7 million in under 2 years (including lockdowns), taking an active role in sales contributing over 10% in rev...

Retail Manager

You Must

Apr 2016 - Feb 2019

Increased sales revenue by reevaluating stocking and allocations procedures, ensuring the product was available at all times.
●Reviewed shift structures to reduce overheads and ensure the best emplo...

Founder & Business Manager

Atelier Akeef/

Jul 2013 - Nov 2014

Developed a business plan, gaining an initial investment of 50,000€ for the store's opening.
●Solely responsible for operations and accounts. Budgeting and invoices.
●Planned the interior construct...

Retail Manager & Buying


Apr 2009 - Nov 2014

Implemented a new accounting system to record takings, outgoings and forecast targets for a rapidly growing business.
●Created a stocking plan to reduce overspend and tighten stock quantities. Leadi...

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  • Retail


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