Herizo Robin

Fashion Designer | Social Entrepreneur | Changemaker l Country Coordinator at Fashion Revolution
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Herizo Robin is a Madagascan social entrepreneur, designer and changemaker. After having lived several years in Paris and Montreal Canada he is now relocated and based in Lisbon Portugal. He founded ZOUZOUDAGO in 2017, an unconventional upcycling brand. « It's all about our ability to slow down through upcycling. » - Herizo. « In Madagascar we didn't wait for the concept of upcycling to apply it. We have always done with the means of the edge, it's called resourcefulness. It's part of our DNA. » - Herizo. Using holistic approach, the brand exemplify the intersection between Fashion, Nature and Biodiversity, and most importantly, shift the narrative of what a responsible brand is in a personal and unique way. Beside he's projects for positive impact, he founded DAGO a group of volunteers, a collective of artists, designers and researchers who aim to help Madagascar's Nature and Biodiversity Conservation through intersectional practices and resilience by creativity. « Imagination should be used, not to escape reality but to create it. » - Colin Wilson. « It also involves going back to our essential needs, to define what are the right needs of each one, and therefore what are the essential things to meet our real needs… » - Herizo. « Change will only happen if we all collaborate while keeping Nature in mind. » - Herizo. Systems change is not easy, but ZOUZOUDAGO has proven that it can be creative, fun and joyful!

Previous Brands
DAGO Revolution
Fashion Revolution
Work Experience
Jun ‘20 - Now
DAGO Revolution

• DAGO is a community weaving initiative of ZOUZOUDAGO and Fashion Revolution Madagascar We explore the theme of [regeneration] in fashion We are a systemic and collaborative platform! We push the definition and narratives! We are inspired by the practices, wisdoms and heritage of Madagascar Together we co-create and we grow with our collective and network of designers based all around the world for research and innovation DAGO use a truly holistic approach. « Acting locally for a shared global goals! » Our scope goes not only beyond circular products… but further to practices that encompass to community-wise and overall participation for a regenerative future! This involves questioning innovations and technologies, knowing that they are never neutral… https://www.instagram.com/dago_rev/

Country Coordinator
Mar ‘19 - Now
Fashion Revolution

Country Coordinator at Fashion Revolution Madagascar • Establishment of a network of brands, NGOs and other organizations that support the change • Management of social media and content creation • Finding sponsors to support projects https://www.instagram.com/fash_rev_madagascar/

Founder and Creative Director
Jun ‘17 - Now

• ZOUZOUDAGO is a SELF EXPRESSION and Unconventional upcycling fashion brand. We are imagining a new alternative WORLD! Our collaborative platform encompass ingenious ideas that initiate and provoke CHANGE! We communicate the idea of slowing down, but above all of changing the narrative of fashion through exploration, deepening and analyzing the intersection between Fashion, Nature and Biodiversity Change will only happen if we ALL collaborate while keeping NATURE in mind Systems change is not easy, but ZOUZOUDAGO has proven that it can be CREATIVE, FUN and JOYFUL! https://www.instagram.com/zouzoudago/

May ‘13 - Now

ROBIN ZOE MADAGASCAR company provides the best sourcing for ethical and organic fashion to worldwide labels and distributors. We are Member of AGOA (Africa Growth Opportunities Act) resource center ARC/M and beneficiary of USAID East Africa Trade Investment Hub. Winner of the PROJECT UPSCAL of Origin Africa 2016. Published in ECO FASHION TALK, WWD, SOURCING JOURNAL... We have partnered with clothing production, raffia companies, cooperatives and economic empowerment of remote villages in Madagascar rigorously chosen and selected on the basis of the most ethical values. • In charge of sustainable artisanal handicrafts for Export • Responsible for the design presentation to potential clients during Trade Shows ~ New York NOW ~ SOURCING at MAGIC Las Vegas

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Education & Training
Collège LaSalle, Montréal
‘10 - ‘13
Fashion Design
‘02 - ‘05
Social Economics
Lisbon, Portugal