Maira Ringen

Social media

I am Maira Ringen, a motivated fashion advisor, luxury sales associate, and brand representative based in the London Area, United Kingdom. My career is driven by a deep-seated passion for luxury fashion and brand representation, underpinned by an exceptional capacity for adaptability and rapid learning. I possess a keen sense for discerning fashion trends and consumer preferences, and my digital marketing proficiency helps elevate brand visibility. My educational journey is currently focused on A-level studies in Media Studies, Film Studies, and Photography, which sharpen my analytical and creative skills. This complements my solid foundation of GCSEs, including English, Math, Sciences, Art and Design, Business, and Spanish. I am multilingual, fluent in English and capable in Luganda, demonstrating my adaptability and cultural awareness. My work experience includes volunteering at London Fashion Week 2023 and working as a Food Stall Assistant, where I developed customer service and sales skills. As the Vice President of the Student Council, I played a key role in student initiatives, and I have been recognized with awards for my excellence in art and design. In volunteer work, I am a co-founder of the Feed the Streets foundation, leading social media campaigns and merchandise design. My interests include research in fashion and digital media, Pilates, and equestrianism, which inform my disciplined and balanced approach to fashion design. I am skilled in using design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, understanding fashion trends, and bringing sketches to life.

Work Experience
Social Media
May ‘21 - Jun ‘21

media campaign that increased the foundation's online followers by 30% and enhanced audience engagement by 40% through strategic content creation and visual storytelling.

Education & Training
New City College
Unknown - ‘25