Sukriti Singh

International Marketing at King's College London. Luxury & social media marketing experience @ Luxottica & Ogilvy.

As a recent marketing graduate from King's College London, I am equipped with a solid foundation in marketing strategies and consumer behavior. With prior experience in luxury marketing at Luxottica and social media marketing with Ogilvy, I have honed my skills in crafting compelling campaigns and engaging with discerning audiences. My passion lies in the luxury marketing, fashion, and beauty industry, where I aspire to create innovative and captivating brand experiences. I am excited to bring my knowledge, creativity, and enthusiasm to contribute to the success of esteemed brands and make a mark in the ever-evolving world of marketing.

Previous Brands
Aaroogya International/Pinga
Work Experience
Deputy Social Media Manager
Dec ‘21 - Mar ‘22
Aaroogya International/Pinga

• Discussed engagement strategies with the CEO to boost consumer engagement by 50% in first quarter • Led 3 social media campaigns on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook • Supervised all social media accounts on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to promote brand; its initiatives and events, interacting with 250+ users

Marketing Intern
Aug ‘21 - Dec ‘21

• Collected and analysed consumer insight (especially millennials) on 4 media channels to complete media planning process; recommended approaches for using certain media to attract customers, increasing brand recognition by 25% • Spearheaded and designed Ideal Assortment (Of Ray-Ban Sunglasses and Eyeglasses) recommendation for retailers • Developed and executed large scale marketing plans, defining budgets for advertising, promotion and public relations; reviewed and selected 15+ vendors for advertising and displaying the designed assortment across Delhi-NCR

Marketing Intern
Jun ‘21 - Jul ‘21

• Derived, presented and executed a Competition Scan Presentation for Eicher: In-depth Research on all Print, TVCs, Social media handles/digital campaigns done by its 7 main competitors from October 2019 till June 2021 • Handled communication with the Ogilvy studios on development and creating of digital and magazine brochures of Eicher's newest campaign

Social Media Marketing Intern
Oct ‘20 - Jun ‘21

• Administered marketing campaign collaborations with companies such as Netflix India, Myntra and Saavn • Coordinated with 6+ brand managers to implement large-scale marketing campaigns on social media • Collaborated with new interns to optimise marketing channel and analysed social-media insights across all its channels- in terms of reach, impressions, views, clicks and build-links Publications, New Delhi 10/2020 - 06/2021 • Published a chapter titled "The impact of Covid-19 on students- A study" in the book "Social Change and Indian Society during Pandemic times", Sankalp Publications (ISBN 978-93-90720-48-4)

Hindi - Native
English - Native
Korean - Work Proficiency
Education & Training
‘22 - ‘23
Master of Science
Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi
‘19 - ‘22
Bachelor of Arts
Sanskriti School
‘06 - ‘19
High School Diploma
London, UK