Global Digital Expert Advisor & Consultant - Retail & Corporate

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Paris, France

CLAUDE is available for work

High level business manager with more than 35 years of success stories. Available for any project over the world, do not hesitate in contacting. The most effective expert on Tactic and strategic narrow media marketing handling the full range of needs in a project: Marketing Approach, Concept and Design, R.O.I. management, Financial Support, Hardware/Software, Contents, Network, Management Services, Worldwide coverage, Contents Management, Network Operator, Media Planning. Specialties: Dynamic digital signage, Entertainment, Interactive Feature, Interactivity Experience, Point of Sale - POS atmosphere, Digital Retail Design ambiance, 360 environment. Behind of hundreds of companies and projects over the world in retail, luxury, entertainment, communications, technologies, I provide an unique combination of strategy, marketing, sales approach and IT consultancy, leading the full cycle of projects with pragmatic approach to highlight issues in existing organisation, workflow and processes, bringing solutions and introducing emerging technologies and leverage usages in very competitive market segment.

  • Brands CLAUDE has worked with
    • Shekel Brainweight
    • Alpha Aleph
    • Chanel Corporation
    • No Diclosure
    • No Disclosure
    • Mirabell Studio
    • CHANEL
    • Broadstam
    • The Meeddya Group
    • Different Companies
    • Iconmytv
    • Estee Lauder Companies
    • the Luxury Network - John Paul
    • the Meeddya Group Holding Company
    • Meeddya Mea
    • Eitc - du
    • Fibro S.A.S.
    • Fibro Telecom
    • Digital Power Display
    • Fnac
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Retail Project Consultant

Shekel Brainweight

Jan 2020 - Present

Global Consultant

Alpha Aleph

Jan 2020 - Present

Global Digital Signage Project Consultant

Chanel Corporation

Jun 2017 - Present

Beauty and Perfumes, Watches and Fine Jewellery June 2017 - Current DU, Telecom Operator, Dubai (UAE) Consumer Channel & Corporate – Digital Signage Project Director (full time consultant) Feb. 2006 -...

Methodology & Workflow Consultant

No Diclosure

Nov 2017 - Present

Refine SOW, tools usages and responsibilities. Refine workflows, enhance scope timelines and efficiency.

Global Operations Workflow Consultant

No Disclosure

Jan 2017 - Present

redefine teams organization, marketing and operational work flows in order to save on costs, time and expand sales

  • Digital Signage


  • AV Integration


  • Management


  • Team Building


  • Team Leadership


  • Retail Design


  • Project Coordination


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