Silvia Palomino



Silvia Palomino

Creative Direction

Current Location

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Silvia is available for work

With more than 15 years of experience in the International. Fashion business. From a seller to creative director to creating new trends, and fully in charge of the collection design, corporate image, visual merchandising, new working practices, working alongside architects and designing furniture, lighting and mannequins to social media and advertising concept to create huge market awareness and superior market share. Highly creative and committed to every project, combining creative concepts and adapting to every need and market, reaching defined goals and targets. developing strategies to highlight and improve brand image. Natural leader with expertizes in handling very large, well trained, high profile teams and with a wide mentoring skillset and knowledge of team coaching and wellness in the workplace, taking into account that all team members must be happy and motivated to provide their utmost. Enjoy traveling and the freedom that comes from the creative process. Every brand is a soul and from the front door to the shop floor to stockroom, the client must perceive, enjoy and fall in love with the ethos of the brand. This is my goal and prior achievement.

  • Brands Silvia has worked with
    • Roberto Torretta
    • Hora Trece.
    • Gipsy Truck.
    • Armada Group – Riva
    • Arrow Usa.
    • Bershka
    • Texmoda.
    • Encuentro.
    • ZARA
  • Silvia's past titles
    • Designer
    • Commercial Account Representative
    • Image Consultant
    • Head Of Design Department
    • Design Director
    • Creative Director
    • Creative Director
    • Designer
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Armada Group – Riva

Jun 2022 - Nov 2022

FASHION. COMMUNICATION DIRECTION CONSULTING. Kuwait. Team building, Marketing strategy, Campaigns, Website design, Social Media, Advertising & P.R pacification, budgets. In their aim to expand busines...

Commercial account representative

Gipsy Truck.

Feb 2022 - Jun 2022

COMMUNICATION & COMMERCIAL STRATEGY. Mallorca. Identify the target market, Research and allocation for the truck in the best spots of the island looking for maximum fruitful. 2020. DIFFERENT FASHION

Head of Design.


Jan 2002 - Dec 2003

Identification and development of trends, fabrics and leading the design of the collection, sourcing international suppliers, confirming fitting and quality of the product for final production, mercha...

Creative Director



Creative direction for the well known and recognized manufacturer from Barcelona. Coordination of the design teams to supply designs and collections for all the main own brands; Parafine, Fluido, Texm...

Creative Director


Jan 1999 - Dec 2001

Encuentro is retail Spanish fashion brand based in Canary Islands. They hired me to create their headquarters in Barcelona, develop and improve the brand identity, implementation of work systems, and ...

  • Visual Merchandising


  • 360 Campaigns


  • Branding & Identity Marketing


  • Consultancy Services


  • Trend Analysis


  • Fashion Consulting




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