Adeyoola Adenusi

Product Strategy Lead @ Innovative Product Manager | Fashion Entrepreneur | Strategic Visionary| Sustainability Advocate

With over a decade of fashion retail experience, I've honed my expertise in brand and product management through roles as a buyer, merchandiser, and designer. Proficient in PLM systems and Adobe Suites, I'm skilled at delivering customer-centric solutions to drive sales. As an adaptable professional, I'm ready for any temporary retail role.

Previous Brands
Adeyoola’s Rehab
Choices Beneath Lingerie Shop
Coles Cosmetics Limited
Idola Nubi Collections
Nostalgic African Treats
Tech Skills Hack
The Lady Cobbler and Company Nigeria Limited
Work Experience
Sales Assosiate
Nov ‘23 - Now

Store Setup: Instrumental in setting up Leem's first European store in Westfield London. Strategic Brand Positioning: Pioneered the brand's European presence, aligning with London's fashion trends through styling. Customer-Centric Sales: Delivered exceptional service, building and maintaining a loyal customer base. Fashion Trend Expertise: Stayed abreast of the latest trends for informed customer advice. Team Work: Collaborated for efficient store operations and cohesive brand promotion, keyholder duties and till opening/ closing Advocacy for Diversity: Fostering an inclusive shopping environment. Confidence and Proactivity: Demonstrated a confident and proactive approach, managing workloads effectively. Problem-solving: Adept at multitasking and remaining calm under pressure. Solution-oriented approach.

Director of Brand and Client Relations
Jan ‘23 - Nov ‘23
Coles Cosmetics Limited

Tattooing and Aesthetics Specialist Strategic Leadership: Achieved a 20% improvement in brand consistency and alignment with core values. Effectively addressed client inquiries with a response time under 24 hours, leading to a 15% increase in satisfaction. Pioneered training programs, resulting in a 30% increase in staff competence. Marketing and Client Relations: Orchestrated successful marketing initiatives, increasing social media engagement by 25% and website traffic by 10%. Cultivated positive client relationships, fostering a 15% growth in repeat business and a 20% increase in referrals. Research and Operations: Conducted industry research, leading to a 12% improvement in product and service offerings. Facilitated cross-departmental communication to streamline operations and enhance brand alignment. Ensured all services comply with industry regulations and standards. Key Achievements: Improved brand consistency by 20%. Reduced client response time to under 24 hours. Increased social media engagement by 25%. Achieved a 30% increase in staff competence. Fostered enduring client relationships, driving repeat business and referrals. Conducted research leading to a 12% improvement in offerings.

Product Strategy and Innovation Lead |Product Manager
Nov ‘22 - Now
Tech Skills Hack

Results-oriented professional skilled in Collaboration, Communication, Product Support, Innovation, and Strategic Vision. As a seasoned leader, I seamlessly integrate diverse teams, define precise product requirements, and enhance communication through Agile processes. Expertise: Collaboration & Team Integration Agile Communication & Project Momentum Product Support & Management Innovation & Market Insight Strategic Vision & Roadmap Execution Key Achievements: Defined precise product requirements through seamless collaboration, fostering a unified vision. Led Agile processes for enhanced communication efficiency and project velocity, ensuring team alignment. Significantly contributed to end-to-end product support, demonstrating commitment to diverse solutions. Strategically managed product backlogs, ensuring timely delivery of high-value increments. Applied innovative thinking to market research and competitor analysis, incorporating customer insights. Shaped and executed strategic product roadmaps, contributing to team alignment with organizational objectives. Skills: Stakeholder Management Product Metrics and KPIs User Experience (UX) Design Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) A/B Testing Cross-functional Collaboration

Cultural Fashion Innovator & Product Development Leader
Mar ‘17 - Dec ‘22

As the driving force behind a Footwear, Fashion, and Body Accessories brand rooted in the conceptualization of African traditional religion, I've achieved a remarkable 25% increase in revenue and a 15% boost in customer satisfaction. Career Highlights: Market Insights and Strategic Planning: Conducted thorough research, analyzed customer data, and developed product roadmaps aligned with company goals. Product Development Leadership: Managed timelines, budgets, and resources, collaborating seamlessly with cross-functional teams. Creative Direction and Design Expertise: Led art direction, integrating inspiration and theme research, and led prototyping efforts for innovative design. Branding and Collaborations: Developed impactful presentations, engaging in collaborations harmonizing cultural richness with contemporary fashion. Merchandising and Costume Design: Directed strategies, contributing to the revitalization of costume design and clothing aesthetics. Emotional Intelligence and People Skills: Cultivated robust supplier relationships for a reliable supply chain. Technical Proficiency: Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Created detailed tech packs and pattern designs. Zero-Waste Visionary: Transformed discarded fabrics into handcrafted collections, promoting sustainability. Eco-Packaging Advocate: Led efforts in sustainable packaging with a focus on recycled materials. Ethical Craftsmanship and Material Innovation: Ensured fair wages and safe conditions, pledging 10% of profits to support Nigeria's handicraft community. Orchestrated sustainability using vegetable-tanned leather, natural dyes, and upcycled materials. PLM Proficiency: Including Roadmapping, User Stories, Feature Prioritization, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), A/B Testing, Cross-functional Teams, Vendor Management, Risk Assessment, Technical Documentation, Design Validation, and Continuous Improvement.

Candy Brand Manager & Operations Specialist
Feb ‘17 - Aug ‘19
Nostalgic African Treats

- Brand Management: Spearheaded the reintroduction of traditional African sweet treats, targeting childhood emotions and Africans in the Diaspora. - Employee Relations: Managed and fostered positive employee relations within the organization. - Research Expertise: Conducted in-depth research to understand market trends and consumer preferences for effective brand positioning. - Branding Strategies: Developed and implemented branding strategies to evoke nostalgia and resonate with the target audience. - Operations and Quality Control: Ensured seamless operations and maintained high-quality standards through rigorous quality control measures.

Artisanal Couture Design Manager
Jan ‘16 - Mar ‘16
The Lady Cobbler and Company Nigeria Limited

- Guided and supervised a team of highly skilled artisans, overseeing their daily operations and maintaining rigorous quality control standards to ensure the delivery of exceptional craftsmanship. - Fostered meaningful connections with individual clients, providing personalized consultations and translating their visions into bespoke couture pieces that reflected their unique styles and preferences. - Collaborated seamlessly with sales and marketing managers, contributing valuable insights to determine the most effective strategies for presenting innovative concepts to the public. This collaborative effort aimed to capture attention and resonate with the target audience. - Steered the helm of prominent cobbler services, a historical institution recognized as the oldest in Nigeria, showcasing a legacy of unparalleled expertise and commitment to craftsmanship.

Founder & Creative Director, Leather & Fashion Accessories Studio
Nov ‘15 - Dec ‘22
Adeyoola’s Rehab

Leather & Fashion Accessories Expert | Entrepreneur & Design Innovator Entrepreneurial Leadership & Growth: - Thriving aftercare service with 20-30% annual revenue growth. - Expanded operations to two stores, a factory, and a workshop. - Engineered tailored aftercare programs for enduring quality. Team Management & Artistic Design: - Led skilled team, reducing production costs by 35%. - Enhanced service quality by 40% through artisan training. - Designed accessories for collaborative projects, valued at $300,000. - Pioneered repair methodologies, yielding a $150,000 revenue stream. Partnerships & Market Presence: - Collaborated with reputable brands, ensuring seamless service delivery. - Forged strategic partnerships, reducing procurement costs by 25%. - Employed effective marketing for enhanced brand visibility. Premium Goods Rehabilitation Expertise: - Specialized in achieving a 90% restoration success rate. - Conducted research on trends and sustainability practices. - Proficient in New Product Development (NPD). Design Execution & Production Management: - Translated client designs, overseeing collections and prototypes. - Proficiently managed artwork approval. - Navigated accessory collections, pattern design, and prototyping with critical timelines. - Implemented innovative repair methodologies, contributing to a $150,000 revenue. - Expertly managed procurement and cultivated strong supplier relationships. - Actively participated in research and development for seasonal collections. Additional Expertise (NPD): - Managed product development, restorations, and modernization. - Translated client designs, executed seasonal styles, and updated mood boards. - Oversaw accessory collections, pattern design, and prototyping. - Utilized iterative methodology in repairs, resulting in a $150,000 revenue. - Managed buying and supplier relationships. - Adept at artwork approval. - Conducted research for seasonal collections.

Fashion Entrepreneur and Design Strategist
Aug ‘11 - Jun ‘23
Choices Beneath Lingerie Shop

Lingerie, Body Accessories, and Adult Toys Brand Concepts to Profits: A Strategic Journey Strategic Design & Procurement Mastery: Crafted bespoke lingerie and accessories, propelling a 60% sales surge, generating $200,000+ in revenue over eight years. Spearheaded procurement, slashing operational costs by 15%, diversifying products, and maintaining quality. Holistic Revenue Generation & Market Expansion: Orchestrated a 40% national and international market expansion, achieving $300,000+ in revenue and a 60% sales hike. Led budgeting and cost management, resulting in a 15% operational cost reduction without compromising quality. Customer-Centric Approach & Data-Driven Excellence: Conducted personalized research, fostering a 25% surge in customer satisfaction and repeat business. Utilized data analytics for a 30% boost in successful product lines, enhancing overall profitability. Innovative Product Development & Comprehensive Oversight: Pioneered captivating lingerie lines and managed product development for accuracy and punctuality. Maintained comprehensive procurement oversight, ensuring excellence in sourcing, procurement, and material management. Strategic Market Analysis & Multifaceted Skill Set: Conducted market strategy, demonstrating proficiency in buying, procurement, and merchandising. Fostered a multifaceted skill set steering informed managerial decisions. Effective Communication & Design Leadership: Ensured seamless communication with manufacturers, coordinating fittings and tracking development. Led design development for lingerie and adult toys, showcasing expertise in product strategy. Proficient in Product Strategy: Expertise in market research, competitive analysis, customer feedback, product metrics, KPIs, and UX design.

Global Fashion Consultant & Brand Strategist
Mar ‘09 - Mar ‘17
Idola Nubi Collections

Fashion Industry Expertise: HAMDALLAH, Nigeria (Jan '18 - Dec '22): - Led brand consulting and quality control for a couture/made-to-measure house. JUST LYNN, Nigeria (Jan '17 - Dec '17): - Executed comprehensive rebranding, covering interior/display, merchandising, and stocking. Borboleta Bags, Thailand (May '16 - Dec '17): - Served as a prototyper and accessories consultant, contributing to Borboleta Bags. Ibrahim Mouhanna Couture, Lebanon (Apr '18 - Dec '18): - Designed footwear and accessories, including prototyping. Self Employed Worldwide: - Provided personalized shopping, styling, and wardrobe organization since childhood until 2015. - Scoped global locations for unique and cost-effective fashion pieces. Key Accomplishments: - Delivered expert advice on trends, styles, and wardrobe solutions for tailored service. - Conducted thorough consultations, creating personalized shopping experiences. - Established strong relationships with luxury brands, securing access to limited-edition collections. - Offered personalized styling sessions, curated itineraries, and home delivery. - Stayed updated on latest trends, industry news, and emerging designers. - Managed client relationships with professionalism, confidentiality, and respect for budgets. - Collaborated with existing wardrobe items, creating cohesive and versatile fashion ensembles. - Demonstrated strong attention to detail, maintaining accurate client profiles and purchase records.

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Work Environment
Flagship store
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Product demos
Client Advising
Product setup
Product labelling
Inventory control
Delivery processing
Stockroom management
Store Maintenance
Health & safety
Stock control
Open/closing store
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Cash register
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Online orders fulfilment
Education & Training
Jakande Craft Market, Lagos Nigeria
‘22 - ‘22
‘22 - Unknown
Spun Candy, London United kingdom
‘17 - ‘17
‘16 - ‘16
Master’s Degree
Monolith Designs, Firenze Italy
‘15 - ‘15
Accademia D’Arte, firenze Italy
‘14 - ‘14
‘13 - ‘13
‘12 - ‘15
Bachelor’s Degree
Houdegbe North American University Benin
‘09 - ‘12
Bachelor’s Degree