Tyrone Antoine

Design Assistant

With a background in fashion design and hands-on experience in luxury retail, I excel in customer service, personal styling, and product value. My roles at Damilola Bankole and John Lewis have enhanced my ability to provide personalised service, understanding customer needs across various price ranges and styles.

Previous Brands
Damilola Bankole
John Lewis Partner (Catering and Hospitality Branch)
John Lewis Partner (Retail)
Work Experience
Sales associate
Jul ‘23 - Jan ‘24
John Lewis Partner (Retail)

This role required me to gain a good understanding of stock availability, customer communication and a deep knowledge of a magnitude of products within the scope of clothing. This experience was highly invaluable as it allowed me to grasp a finer understanding of both customer interaction, often working on personal styling, and operations and stock spreadsheets. • A key skill pulled from this experience, is the ability to communicate with a wide array of customers, calmly and professionally under any circumstance, whilst understanding different personalities in order to cater services to each individual, resulting in a more positive overall experience.

Bankole Assistant Design Intern
Jun ‘23 - Now
Damilola Bankole

Working as an intern for this emerging luxury fashion start up, has given me a highly valuable insight into the business side of fashion and clothing, travelling with the company to showrooms and events, whilst aiding the curation of the SS23 collection. • This experience has allowed me to gain confidence in working price ranges and profit margins, whilst allowing me to thing more forwardly about marketing and production strategies through the curation of these collections. • Moreover, the design and making experience was highly insightful into the commercial aspects of fashion, experiencing firsthand what customers find valuable in clothing highlighting the selling points of individual looks, and in turn lead me to practice marketing different piece to consumers, through assessing the needs of each individual.

catering assistant
Sep ‘22 - Jul ‘23
John Lewis Partner (Catering and Hospitality Branch)

In this role as a John Lewis Partner in the Catering section, I learned how to handle high stress and busy environments effectively, developing strong customer service skills by going above and beyond my duties to ensure customer satisfaction. • In this role I trained new employees on branch procedures and customer service best practices, Allowing me to hone in on Leadership and communication skills, whilst working a busy environment. • I gained experience in various aspects of catering, including making coffee, serving, cooking, and cleaning, which allowed me to refine my adaptability, as I was expected to quickly learn and adjust to different parts of service and catering.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
Shopping centre
Department store
Product Category
Client Help
Client Advising
Cash register
Returns & Exchanges
Online orders fulfilment
Product labelling
Inventory control
Delivery processing
Store Maintenance
Order preparation
Stock control
Open/closing store
Health & safety
Education & Training
The Royal Grammar School High Wycombe
‘20 - ‘22
The Royal Grammar School High Wycombe
‘16 - ‘20