Thanyadech Lamchai

Showroom General Assistant Eager for Entry-Level Roles Across Diverse Industries

Dynamic professional with a Master's in Luxury Brand Management and a Bachelor's in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing. I am a driven and adaptable professional skilled in digital marketing, e-commerce, and brand strategy. My practical experience includes leading a pivotal marketing campaign that achieved a 15.2% profit increase for a family business and thriving in Arlettie London's dynamic retail setting, where I adapted quickly to diverse customer needs across multiple luxury brands. With a track record of enhancing operational efficiency, customer engagement, and brand presence, I am poised to deliver outstanding results in varied industries.

Previous Brands
Work Experience
Showroom General Assistant
Jan ‘24 - Now

Working at Arlettie London, I thrived in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, adapting swiftly to the diverse needs of the business. Arlettie's unique model of running sales for multiple brands and partners demanded high adaptability and a comprehensive understanding of a diverse customer demographic. My ability to quickly adapt and deeply understand the varied preferences and needs of customers from different demographics contributed significantly to our team's success in meeting sales targets and delivering exceptional customer service.

Marketing, Supply Chain, and Inventory Control
Apr ‘21 - May ‘22
DR Tire Bangkok (Family Business)

In this role, I led a marketing campaign that significantly boosted the family business's profitability, resulting in a 15.2% increase in profit margins. I optimized our supply chain management and inventory control processes, enabling us to minimize excess stock while meeting demand efficiently. These strategic improvements not only enhanced our operational efficiencies but also played a crucial role in elevating our brand's market presence and customer engagement.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High-end luxury
Work Environment
High street store
Product Category
Leather goods
Watches & Jewelry
Client Help
Client Advising
Product setup
Product labelling
Inventory control
Store Maintenance
English - Fluent
Thai - Native
Education & Training
Regent's University
‘22 - ‘23
Master of Management
Luxury Brand Management
Assumption University of Thailand
‘17 - ‘21
Bachelor of Business Administration
Business Marketing and Management with a Minor Focus in Hospitality Management