Cameron Pratt

Hugely passionate in Arts, Music, Fashion with over 2 years experience in luxury markets

I am a confident, passionate and creative individual who is enthusiastic and driven. I enjoy working individually and as a member of a team. I can communicate effectively with all demographics. I have demonstrated these skills within the various types of brands I have worked under, and in the roles I have undertaken. My studies (in Creative Media, Art & Design, Bachelors in Fashion) and my work have built my understanding and awareness of how luxury markets operate and have developed my skills in areas such as how to market a product, promote a brand, and sell to luxury clientele. Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Previous Brands
Bottega Veneta
D & I Window Solutions
DNA Leeds
Eco Concepts UK LTD
Natasha Zinko
SLS Sports Lettings Solutions
Solarframe direct Ltd
Yuhan Wang
Work Experience
Showroom Assistant
Oct ‘23 - Oct ‘23
Natasha Zinko

The position was to work as a showroom assistant for the brand, I currently work for during Paris Fashion week. As a brand, we annually will either host a show room in Paris for fashion week, and depending on the month or period of the year we would run a show for our collection. This showroom was an opportunity to showcase our Spring/Summer 24 collection during the most important fashion event of the year, and also give those a chance to view some of the pieces who didn't make it to our London Fashion Week show in September. Duties included: • Assisting my manager, setting up of the showroom • Positioning/styling pieces on clients • Packing and unpacking garments • Being time efficient • Dealing with VIP's in a new environment • Developed a further understanding of how the luxury fashion industry operates during the busiest time of the year and gave me the opportunity to learn more, working overseas for a brand seeing how we operate in a different environment.

Fashion Runner
Sep ‘23 - Sep ‘23
Natasha Zinko

The position was to work backstage as a runner for the brand I currently work for during our London Fashion Week show in Soho Square. We show at Fashion week annually, and is the most important/ busiest time of the year for us as a company. This collection, SS24 focused on camping, and orchestrated towards creating an environmental approach to fashion, displaying themes of the outdoors whilst still maintaining that element of our unique identity as a brand. Duties included: • Assisting the models backstage ensuring the maintenance of garments during and after the show. Including making the models ready on time • Building a relationship with the models assisting them with whatever they may need to work effectively • Taking images for the brands socials • Assisting with seating arrangements of VIPs that we're attending our show.

Stylist & Sales
Apr ‘23 - Dec ‘23
Self employed

I work as an in-store stylist and sales assistant at Natasha Zinko in Soho. Our space is called WRHS13 an NZ Space. We are a Ukrainian brand that has bold ideas and concepts that are best described as 'straight to-runway' in their nature, with influences of different culture. My role involves styling clients who come to the store, and importantly vending items in-store using effective selling techniques and building relationships with fashion-orientated people who come to the space in the area. I take a commission on each sale. Duties include: • Fulfilling online orders, packing items using Farfetch Storm process, and using Shopify to account for client's purchases through our website and Farfetch.com • Building relationships with clients who come in the store, getting to know them as individuals to benefit their overall shopping experience and communicating what we are as a brand and culture in Soho • Filling weekly sales report's to keep account of the businesses earnings and outgoing weekly. • Having a strong eye for detail regarding how garment placement looks and how a luxury company should present its ethos to the public • Working as part of a team, passing around ideas and opinions on how we can improve the look of the store and working with a range of people looking at what garments will fit them and look the best, as well as giving them the luxury experience of what they came for. • Being held responsible for opening and closing the store and given the freedom to feel part of an efficient group of people who work together as a team.

Personal Shopper
Dec ‘22 - Mar ‘23
Eco Concepts UK LTD

I worked as a freelance personal shopper the role proceeds privately shopping for high end clients mainly bases overseas In areas of Asia, such as Hong Kong, Japan an Shanghai. Duties included: • shopping in Central London at luxury stores such as Goyard, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and department stores Harrods and Selfridges. • I conducted my shift by using a work phone provided by the company with a list of items I must purchase throughout the day. Working at Eco Concepts, furthered my understanding of the high end markets and has developed me to work towards targets, gaining commission on every item I buy for a client. The role has also allowed me to further develop my people skills through dealing with clients and making sure their needs are fulfilled, and through going that extra mile to get what a given client wants and to keep them happy with my service. Ultimately the aim was to provide a luxury personal experience.

Client Advisor
Jun ‘22 - Aug ‘22
Bottega Veneta

As a client advisor an employee of Bottega I learned how a luxury brand works on the inside, from stock management it's communication to clients how we sold our stock an developed selling techniques. I was entrusted with building relationships with VIP clients and advising customers on the brand and it's collections. Working here I displayed skills such as working flexibly under pressure and as part of a team, I efficiently managed time to accomplish tasks at hand, showed that I am goal orientated to inevitably close sales and improve KPI's I also enjoyed to have genuine conversations with clients at times sharing with them my understanding of luxury fashion, collections, and my passion for the industry as a whole.

Harrods Menswear Sales Associate
Nov ‘21 - May ‘22

The position was to work in luxury menswear retail, in the mens essentials department of Harrods. My role is to communicate knowledge on fashion trends and give a descriptive insight into the items we are selling in the section which we are working in. To ultimately generate sales, and appeal to whatever a customers needs may be. Duties Include: merchandising goods on the sales floor, building relationships with customers tailoring to their expectations, carrying myself and my manner well. Setting an expectation for a customers needs and being knowledgeable on the brands we are selling in our section.

Sep ‘21 - Sep ‘21
Yuhan Wang

The position was to work backstage as a runner for a Japanese brand, during London Fashion week. Duties included: assisting the models backstage ensuring the maintenance of garments during and after the show. Including making the models ready on time, and building a relationship with the models assisting them with whatever they may need to work effectively.

Marketing/Sales Assistant
Aug ‘19 - Dec ‘19
DNA Leeds

Duties included: using customer service skills informing customers of what the company offer representing their clients. Building customer relationships, developing sales techniques Skill set: worked in a group/team to achieve set targets for the day, established a particular sales technique to get the results needed. Worked efficiently in a high pressure environment.

Leaflet Distribution/Canvassing
Jun ‘19 - Jun ‘20
Solarframe direct Ltd

Duties included: delivering leaflets in various areas around Yorkshire, worked individually and studied a map to effectively navigate a certain area. Also worked as part of a team to hit targets, Developed customer relationships informing them of the product we were promoting Skill Set: I worked individually at a fast pace, where I had to hit desired targets for the day, being friendly and approachable with people.

Sports/Leisure Assistant
Mar ‘19 - Aug ‘19
SLS Sports Lettings Solutions

Duties included: Maintaining the wellbeing of everyone in an around the school which I worked at, supervising the facilities with different sports activities going on, setting up equipment and taking the equipment down. Care taking the school making sure everything is as it should be, opening and locking gates, assisting/supervising clients with the set up of their activities. Skill set: Worked independently after school hours, built a friendly rapport with clients being easy to approach, knowledgeable of where things are. Worked to a specific time scale to have sports equipment set up for when clients arrive.

Admin Assistant
May ‘18 - Jul ‘18
D & I Window Solutions

working in general showroom environment Duties included: assisting in office, answering phone calls from various different customers and clients, developing customer relationships and forming them of the product, sorting paperwork. Skill set: building rapport with customers, being friendly and approachable, knowledgeable and informative on the product.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High-end luxury
Work Environment
Department store
Product Category
Leather goods
Watches & Jewelry
Beauty & Fragrances
Client Help
Client Advising
Cash register
Returns & Exchanges
Online orders fulfilment
Product labelling
Inventory control
Delivery processing
Stockroom management
Stock control
Store Maintenance
Open/closing store
Health & safety
Order preparation
Product setup
Education & Training
University of the Arts London
‘21 - ‘23
Bachelor's in Fashion
Leeds Arts University
‘20 - ‘21
Diploma of Higher Education in Art & Design
Barnsley College
‘16 - ‘17
UAL Diploma in Creative Media
Barnsley Academy
Diploma of Higher Education in Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Geography, Religious Studies, Art and Design