Patrícia Ceia

Pattern Maker, Product Developer, Fashion and Textile Designer - Looking for new challenges

I grew up thinking that I would be an engineer or a physical therapist but ended up falling in love with fashion, more specifically pattern making. I am very curious and eager to learn new things, so naturally, science was my path, but arts in general was always in my life. I was so confused about what I should study that I decided to have a gap year, and that was when I discovered a passion for fashion that was greater than everything. I rolled up my sleeves and paid for my BA in Fashion and Textile design, it was a rough few years but my parents raised a fighter. I love pattern making, you are creating a puzzle and it's very stimulating. Every day is a new adventure, and you have to keep learning, and I love learning new things. I entered the working world at a young age, this helped me create a lot of skills in an early stage of life such as; excellent time management, working well under pressure, being very organized, learning quickly, great team working skills and management. I am now looking for new challenges, and eager to learn even more.

Previous Brands
Unifardas - Confecção, S.A.
Torre Confecções, SA
Patrícia Ceia Consultoria de Imagem
NEXX Helmets
GRES Real Imperatriz
Modelo Continente
Work Experience
Pattern Maker
Feb ‘22 - Mar ‘22

Develop Unisex T-shirt: *t-shirt pattern, *t-shirt measurements *size grading.

Senior Pattern Maker
Jan ‘21 - Oct ‘21
Unifardas - Confecção, S.A.

Creation of patterns: software Lectra-Modaris Expert and Modaris 3D Organization of the Product/Production departments, Assignment of tasks to the Production team

Product Development Specialist
Nov ‘18 - Feb ‘21
Patrícia Ceia Consultoria de Imagem

Creating Patterns Fashion Advisor/Consultant Upcycling

Pattern Maker
Feb ‘19 - Jan ‘21
Torre Confecções, SA

Creation of patterns and cutting plans: software Lectra- Modaris and Diamino. Organization of the Pattern/Production department. Assignment of tasks to the Pattern team. Support to factory production. Development Patterns in Men's Ceremony Clothing and Uniforms (military, medical, aviation companies, costumer serviçe,...)

Factory Worker
Mar ‘17 - Feb ‘19
NEXX Helmets

Quality control of the materials. Supply of material to the production. Organization and Management of inventory.

Samba School Designer
Jan ‘17 - Mar ‘17
GRES Real Imperatriz

Development of Carnival Clothes for the annual Samba event for around 150 people. Develop the Designs

Jun ‘11 - Feb ‘12
Modelo Continente

Costumer service. Cashier.

Portuguese - Native
English - Fluent
French - Basic
Spanish - Work Proficiency
Italian - Basic
Location Preference
Open to relocation
Work Pattern
Employment Preference
Permanent Positions
Education & Training
Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas
‘12 - ‘17
Licentiate degree
Asker kommune, NO