Mira Zebib

Sales Assistant

With experience at Selfridges, I excel in luxury technology sales and customer service. Skilled in managing niche product stores, guiding high-profile clients, and adapting to diverse retail environments. Fluent in multiple languages, enhancing my ability to serve international customers effectively.

Previous Brands
Smartech - Selfridges and Co.
CeX Ltd.
American Management Center
Work Experience
sales assistant
May ‘22 - Jan ‘23
Smartech - Selfridges and Co.

My position as a sales assistant in Smartech in the luxurious department store Selfridges demands me to advise and assist customers with purchasing niche and innovative products. Although Selfridges is considered to be a luxury department, the location being on Oxford Street led to the target audience being a wide range of demographics. It has allowed me to explore different types of ways to improve customer service, such as communicating with international customers in their home language since Selfridges is a touristic landmark. This experience was particularly enriching, since it was a vital contribution towards achieving the career within the technological field that I take great passion in. It has also exposed me to a wider range of some of the most uniquely developed technologies that are being released into current markets. They have also entrusted me with the running of a new Formula 1 concept store that was established the following summer. This has not only allowed me to develop my managerial skills, but it has also allowed me to develop my knowledge and skills in a field I am unfamiliar with. My superiors were impressed by how quickly and easily I learned everything I need to know about F1 and was able achieve a high number of sales.

May ‘21 - Apr ‘22
CeX Ltd.

make sure there aren't any faults within the products, and then advise and resell them to any interested customers. This position was my first ever retail job, which allowed me to learn all the basic things to learn about retail. This position helped refine my technical skills and develop a deeper understanding of this sector, which is convenient for the career I take interest in. Furthermore, I strengthened some of my other interpersonal skills which allowed me to upgrade my customer service as well as teaching how to be patient and work under pressure. The contrast in the two retail positions I was given has allowed me to have experience with different demographics of customers, which means I am more capable of reaching any target audience.

Jun ‘19 - Jul ‘19
American Management Center

I was offered an internship at the American Management Center, which is a leadership training and consulting firm, during the summer of 2020. My role consisted of conducting online market research to gather information about market ventures and clients, preparing reports of gathered data and presenting it to management. In addition, I was performing various office and clerical duties. This role has given a more realistic perspective into the operation behind the corporate world, which has allowed me to develop my business mindset and was my first insight into professionalism.

Retail Experience
Store Approvals
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
Department store
Shopping centre
High street store
Product Category
Client Help
Complaint handling
Product demos
Client Advising
Cash register
Returns & Exchanges
Online orders fulfilment
Product setup
Product labelling
Store Maintenance
Order preparation
Open/closing store
Stockroom management
Arabic - Native
French - Basic
English - Native
German - Fluent
Education & Training
‘22 - ‘26
Bachelor of Science
Computer Science
Glenthorne High School
‘20 - ‘22
Computer Science (A )