Umbertino Cordioli


It stands out for its wide range of multidisciplinary skills, excellent interpersonal communication skills and staff mentoring skills thanks to which it knows how to establish meaningful relationships and guarantee a dynamic and productive work environment. It demonstrates solid leadership, versatility and the ability to constantly optimize business processes by enhancing workflow and organizational efficiency through a proactive and proactive attitude towards solving even complex problems.

Previous Brands
Emporium Viri
Hotel/hotel Style Department
Mangano Ltd
Rwe Italy Srl
Wonbly Hunan Ltd
Work Experience
brand Coordinator
Feb ‘20 - Now
Rwe Italy Srl

Brand Coordinator in charge to support clients to develope collections, press collections, capsule collections and whatever need for a luxury product. •Suggest, propose items and cluster to develop based to the market, collections and needs of the client. •Support clients to define strategies for merchandising, SKU, best seller to repeat •Peter Do, Johonstons of Elgin, Oscar De La Renta, Brandon Maxwell, Carolina Herrera •Use of the most used computer program including PM

Head of Merchandising
Sep ‘17 - Jan ‘20
Wonbly Hunan Ltd

Premium Brand Total Look Men Collection •Head of Merchandising in charge of definite the strategies for mono-brand shops (about 150) •Strategies for franchising shops (other 70) •The weekly report is divided into SKU, improve sell-outs with suitable strategies, sales, promotions, and whatever need the market and the shops to reach the budgets •Usually travel into the region, into other regions and Asia Pacific Area •Organize, attend and manage the seasonal Store manager •meeting, Franchisor Meeting to share all the incoming incoming collections, capsule etc. Support and share all the infornations with Style Deoartment, Production Department and sometime sourcing and suppliers

Verona Teacher
Sep ‘15 - Jun ‘20

Great experience to share knowledges and experiences in a Fashion School

Senior Merchandising
Jun ‘12 - Apr ‘17
Mangano Ltd

Premium Brand/Total Look Men Collection . Brand License for Asia Pacific Area Senior Merchandiser in charge to applied all the knowledge to define the collection, to develop mono-brand shops and wholesale clients. Usually travel to visit clients and shops and report and analyze in order to correct, improve or organize events to reach budgets and targets.

Founder & Owner
Feb ‘01 - Dec ‘12
Hotel/hotel Style Department

Premium Brand/Total look Men Collection •Merchandiser in charge to analyze the market and sharing with my partner all the information in order to create the collection. •Manage and analyze all the aspects of the 15 shops mono-brand, included the team •Manage the wholesale with the launch of SKU, capsule collections, etc in order to have the most interesting results from the branch •Share and manage the results divide into SKU, cluster, items .Recognize the main aspects that have definide the succes or failure, correct, move and do whatever it takes in order to obtain the correct sell-out.

Sales Manager/Retail Manager
Jan ‘89 - May ‘99
Emporium Viri

Premium Brand/Total Look Men Collection •Sales Manager for Italian Wholesale clients •Over the years develop the strategies for mono-brand shops. •Manage the 13 shops, collect the right product into the collections, and combine in order to have different waves divided into timing, andtaste. •Analyze SKU and share the results in order to correct, choose new waves to develop to meet the market, and share this with the departments in charge

Italian - Native
English - Fluent
French - Fluent
Education & Training
CUOA Consorzio Universitario Organizzazione Aziend
‘94 - ‘95
Master: Organizzazione
ITC I.Pindemonte
‘81 - ‘86
Diploma: Ragioneria
Verona, VR, Italy