Priyanka Radhamani

Ai programmer

Experienced in C programming for 2 years in Engineering field and developed projects using C++.Worked as a lab in charge of IT and Worked as Research Associate (BITS Pilani) in machine learning funded projects for map making in Indian Routes using CMake and python..Active learner in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning challenging projects.Holds dual post graduation in computer science and Artificial Intelligence, graduated from university of East London and got best dissertation award for the classification of galaxy images using Neural network and Fractals.Experienced in assisting PHD projects in machine learning and Machine vision for thermal image processing.

Previous Brands
IHRD College of Engineering
Institute of Technology and Science
Kerala State remote sensing and Environment Centre
Work Experience
Computer Programmer
Sep ‘19 - Mar ‘20
Institute of Technology and Science

Working as Teaching assistant at different schools and colleges under Protocol Education.Mainly focussed as computer science teaching assistant for secondary students.Worked as media and drama teaching assistant for SEN students also. • Research Associate (under MapmyIndia Project)Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Rajasthan, India (09/2019 – 03/2020) Multi Route Recommender System using AI:This project was sponsored by mapmyindia.This project is similar to Google maps ,but designed for Indian Routes which are newly updated.It consider shortest path as well some other criteria like safest path,path including fuel station etc.This project needs Machine learning to be implemented in c++ and CMake.My role is the implementation of suitable algorithms for the proper working of this AI driven project.Implemented K shortest path with the help of arangoDB graphical representation it provides a better simulation also.. • Research Assistant for IBM sponsored lab which conducts special AI projects.Experienced in machine vision projects like traffic congestion prediction and object detection using machine learning. • Computer Programmer

Jun ‘19 - Aug ‘19
Kerala State remote sensing and Environment Centre

hands on assignments for students from Electrical Engineering and Computer science department.Experienced in c++ projects which includes all the concepts of c++,java and python project and as lab instructor and debugging students projects. Volunteered • Volunteered and assisted in a PHD project from the University of East London for the cognitive ability of drivers while using the handsfree mobile phone when driving by analysing the EEG signals ,heart beat,blood pressure using different machine learning algorithms.The challenging part is the analysis of EEG signals. • working as an intern at ProBVision Ltd in machine vision:ProBVision Ltd is experts for the safety cameras using AI,especially in thermal cameras .Working in the face recognition of thermal images,facial recognition in thermal images are challenging part but using different algorithms to find the best fit according to the application is my part(4/2023- present) • Internship (6/2019-8/2019) at Kerala State Remote Sensing & Environment Centre, Kerala, India.(ISRO PROJECTS):Compression of Remote sensing images using fractals:This project is done on the basis academics, my master's in computer science.In this project compressed the raw remote sensed images using Convolutional Neural Networks.It is like an End to End compression model , tried to make use of another application of CNN via this work .Also proposed a way for the classification of these compressed images by using fractals analysis.This work published on academic year in IJRAR titled "CNN Compressed Fractal Analyzer".

Oct ‘14 - Apr ‘16
IHRD College of Engineering

Education & Training
of East London
‘21 - ‘22
MSc Artificial Intelligence(University
University of Kerala
‘17 - ‘19
MSc Computer Science
Stratford-upon-Avon CV37, UK