Meghana Deshpande

Visual Designer

A multi-disciplinary creative who recently graduated from LCF receiving a First Honours in ‘BA Creative Direction for Fashion’. With a keen interest in community and culture, I am fascinated and driven by people and their individual perspectives. Reflecting on this notion, I find fulfilment in projects that help bring together community; focusing on a human-centred approach to design wherever possible. I often find myself daydreaming and this daydreaming paired with my passion for research fuels my creative vision. Resulting in concepts that merge this duality of practical and whimsical attitudes to achieve new and exciting outcomes that help push the scope of possibility. Furthermore, this sort of logical and creative structure feeds into my project sensibility, where I thrive under the restrictions of a brief. Often finding that I flex my creativity the most within these strict parameters. Both logical and creative, I take pride in my research, usually stemming from history, music and the analysis of cultural discourse.

Previous Brands
Caffè Nero
Work Experience
Oct ‘19 - Feb ‘20
Caffè Nero

English - Native
Kannada - Fluent
Korean - Basic
Education & Training
London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London
‘18 - ‘21
Creative Direction for Fashion
Bachelor of Arts
Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London
‘17 - ‘18
Fashion Communication
Foundation degree
Reading, UK