Anahita Yahyaei



Anahita Yahyaei

Digital Marketing manager/Social media manager | organic, paid, creative content and digital media

Current Location

London, UK

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I am a Multilingual Marketing and communication professional with 8+ years of experience in social media management, content marketing, and branding.
Possess a BA Fashion Marketing and Communications with an expertise in marketing analytics.

Excellent communication skills for outreach and digital copywriting, ensuring strong brand presence.

I also have a strong understanding of public relations, brand promotion, paid advertising and driving strategy. Motivated Digital Marketing Consultant of impeccable character and promoting strong project management skills.
Built up customer base and achieved sales targets through strong networking and social media.

Excellent at producing engaging digital content such as unique creative content images, videos and website copy.

Creative consultant and a problem-solver with in-depth understanding of the Fashion and Beauty market, sustainable and luxury goods.

  • Brands Anahita has worked with
    • HYVE
  • Anahita's past titles
    • Founder
    • Social Media Manager
    • Digital Marketing Manager
    • Marketing And Public Relations Specialist
    • Content Producer
    • Social Media Manager
    • Tour Guide
    • Negotiator
    • Digital Marketing Manager
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Digital marketing manager


Oct 2021 - Oct 2022

Oversaw overhaul of digital and content strategy, incorporating findings from new data across different Retail, Fashion lifestyle and Technology global B2B brands owned by Hyve Plc such as Spring and ...



Sourced initial funding to get business off the ground.
Determined business plan, mission statement and vision.
Maintained hand-made items stock levels, assessing demand and ensuring effective orderin...

Social Media Manager and coordinator

Sep 2019 - Present

Content Creating for different Markets and use of coherent strategy, Moderation and Autherntic Growth on different local and Global clients Social media Platforms with main focus on Luxury goods in Fa...

Digital Marketing Assistant

May 2019 - Present

Attended client appointments to observe and Participate in future projects
Assisted Digital hubs team in all their fashion luxury projects with well known brands such as Dior and Fendi Specifically wo...

Marketing And Public Relations Manager

Oct 2018 - Present

I worked as a PR assistant for well-known agencies within the Entertainment industry in Barcelona at Eclipse and Wet deck events (in W hotel Barcelona) and Vendetta (Restaurant and events) and as well...

Not specified.















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