Shubh Tripathi

Rapper | Actor | Content writer | Copywriter | VO artist

Got big dreams to chase ! I love interacting with new people and exploring new ventures , aspiring actor,find my raps on Spotify under my stage name "Bawal", I've done various freelance writing projects which indulged in creative content writing and copywriting, I've also done various voice over projects for government and private firms, in my leisure time you may find me clicking pictures,reading, watching movies or may be you won't find me because I love to travel :")

Previous Brands
ARPF India
Indore Zoo
Matrix Productions
Nukkad by STAGE
Radio Mirchi
RDI Diamonds Inc.
STAGE - OTT for Bharat
Work Experience
Brand Representative - ZARA
Jul ‘23 - Aug ‘23

My role as a Zara brand representative within the Inditex Group was an immersive experience. I engaged with customers, offered style advice, and contributed to appealing visual displays. It deepened my passion for fashion, refined customer service skills, and exposed me to the dynamic world of retail within a global fashion powerhouse.

Sales Executive
May ‘22 - Oct ‘22
RDI Diamonds Inc.

Worked for RDI diamonds representing Brain Tree as the Team leader of Indian Lead Generation and Account Executive Team • Promoted to team manager, showcasing exceptional leadership skills and conducting employment interviews • Oversaw client contracts with profitable terms and established positive client relationships through superb communication • Expanded opportunities by building focused client networks across US and constructing a core sales team in India.

Bird Keeper
Sep ‘21 - Nov ‘21
Indore Zoo

• Created digital content (graphics, videos, documentaries) for the Zoo's Bird Aviary. • Socialized animals through supervised interactions. • Gained insights on Bird Care, rescue, first aid and medication . • Learned about Bird behaviour, health and dietary needs. • Gave educational talks. • Worked with around 40 species of Birds,a few snakes and Iguanas.

Jul ‘21 -
ARPF India

As a member of the Animal Rehabilitation and Protection Front, my job involves assessing and rehabilitating injured and abandoned animals, coordinating their medical care, and providing them with a safe and nurturing environment. I also play a crucial role in educating the public about responsible pet ownership and advocating for stronger animal protection measures. Overall, my work revolves around ensuring the well-being and protection of animals in need.

Content Producer, Photographer
Oct ‘20 - Jan ‘21
Matrix Productions

Photographed for Tommy Hilfiger, South Asian cosmetic brands, and backstage at Indore Times Fashion Week. Assisted cinematography team on a multi-city wedding photography tour. Contributed to ideation panel for pilot infotainment website. Transformed moments into captivating visual narratives

content creator
Nov ‘19 - Jun ‘20
STAGE - OTT for Bharat

Worked for platform Stage and Witty Feed (former name) • Created and recorded self-written poetry videos, resonating with an audience of approximately 1.5 million views on Stage's social media platforms. • Contributed to PR and brand campaigns for Witty Feed through content writing, video scripting, and ideation support. • Produced daily shows and worked on a pilot weekly vox-pop show titled "Seriously Witty" showcasing versatility in production and hosting.

Content Producer
Nov ‘19 - Jan ‘20
Nukkad by STAGE

Copywriting Intern
Jan ‘19 - Apr ‘19
Radio Mirchi

Programming Intern
Jan ‘19 - Apr ‘19
Radio Mirchi

Was given the opportunity to co-host the afternoon radio show for a month, which gave me a further opportunity to do an Internship. • Mirchi Indore, I learned ad writing, radio production, and voice-over work while also creating digital content for social handles of the radio station,was given charge of the role of morning show's producer. In my internship period I crafted several ads and especially composed a brand campaign rap.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
High-end luxury
Work Environment
High street store
Product Category
Watches & Jewelry
Complaint handling
Client Help
Product demos
Client Advising
Product setup
Product labelling
Inventory control
Stockroom management
Store Maintenance
Order preparation
Education & Training
Educational Multimedia Research Centre, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya
‘18 - ‘21
Bsc mass comm
Shri Agrasen Vidyalaya , indore
‘16 - ‘18
high school
The Emerald Heights International School
‘03 - ‘16