Amanda Williamson



Amanda Williamson

Senior Product Developer + Designer | Accessories + Apparel

Current Location

Toronto, CA

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I am a highly creative individual, dedicated to my work as a Designer + Senior Product Developer with over 13 years’ experience in lifestyle womens apparel and accessories.

I have an aptitude for designing full range collections that focus on product innovation and sustainability reaching across multiple commodities. I take pride in my skills, knowledge and ability to create lasting product with a high level of attention to detail.

  • Brands Amanda has worked with
    • AWilliamson Design
    • Roots
    • Canada Pooch Ltd.
    • Sears Canada
    • YM Inc.
    • Epiphany Branding
  • Amanda's past titles
    • Design Consultant
    • Designer
    • Senior Product Designer
    • Senior Product Developer
    • Buyer (Product Development, Womens' Athletic Commodities
    • Designer
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Design Consultant

AWilliamson Design

Nov 2015 - Present

Full range design and development services including:
• Seasonal collection design specializing in womens RTW apparel and accessories
• Trend research and forecast presentations focusing on speci;c cl...



Jul 2019 - Mar 2023

Designed original accessories collections for Roots, B2B partnerships and exclusive special projects

• Contributed to positive year-over-year sales growth for accessories department, totaling $5 mill...

Senior Product Designer

Canada Pooch Ltd.

Jan 2018 - Jul 2019

Designed original collections of high end outerwear for house label and branded portfolio
• Led collaborative design process with B2B partners on all product from initial concept through final product...

Senior Product Developer

Sears Canada

Feb 2017 - Nov 2017

Designed and developed contemporary womenswear collections focused on cut + sew knits, sweaters, woven tops + bottoms
• Led team of cross-functional peers through design and development process, from ...

Buyer (Product Development, Womens' Athletic Commodities

YM Inc.

Jan 2010 - Dec 2015

Buyer and product developer for womens athletic collections
• Effectively reported and executed seasonal buy plans focusing on athletic commodities totaling $14 million annually
• Led design and devel...

  • Product Innovation


  • Trend Research + Forecasting


  • Apparel + Accessory Design


  • Product Development


  • Sustainable Design


  • Materials Management


  • Production Management


  • Supply Chain Management




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