Raffaella Belotti


Open to Opportunities

Raffaella Belotti

Product Manager

Current Location

Bergamo, Province of Bergamo, Italy

Raffaella is open to new work opportunities

I don't lack the courage to change.

Working as Product Manager in a leader company as Dedar now.

Coming from a wonderful and strong experience of 6 years managing a 4-stars Hotel in the biggest ski-resort in the world.

My previous career pivoted around underwear (12 years as
Product Manager at Lovable DBA for FILA sport brand), and hosiery (about 3
years in Benetton, as product manager, working on the total look for all the
brands of the Group), managing and motivating my team.

Furthermore, I held other roles concerning commercial and technician areas,
as well as sourcing Management vs. Asian facilities.

From 2002 to 2009 I founded the Italian branch of a Hong Kong Trading
company, dealing garments, and I managed it as Sole Director together with
my team of 7 people.

From 2009 to 2011 I also worked at a Sport&Fashion shop in Selva Gardena,
Italy, where I handled garment sales, brands selection, purchases. This
experience approached me to the mountain sports world, which I always find
quite amazing.

Later as consultant for an intermediary Company based in
Bergamo, Italy, focusing on corsetry, I was Product&Sourcing Manager playing
my role between Italian brands and Asian facilities.

  • Brands Raffaella has worked with
    • Dedar Milano
    • Mountain Design Hotel EdenSelva
    • Various
    • Benetton
    • Monifit Trading Ltd HK filiale Italiana
  • Raffaella's past titles
    • Senior Manager of Product Management
    • Managing Director
    • Product Development Consultant
    • Senior Product Manager
    • Company Director
    • Senior Product Manager
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  • Permanent Positions

Senior Manager of Product Development

Dedar Milano

Jun 2021 - Present

Management Director

Mountain Design Hotel EdenSelva

Apr 2016 - Dec 2021

Experienced in working under pressure and commercially minded, I'm dealing with any issues concerning our 4-stars Hotel Management, 24 rooms: selling, Back Office, Front Office, Booking Management, HR...

Product Development and Sourcing Consultant


Mar 2014 - Mar 2016

intermediary between Italian customers and Asian facilities - product development - sourcing - negotiation - follow up

Senior Product Manager


Nov 2011 - Mar 2014

Hosiery product development - teamworking with all the fashion designers of the group - material searching and development - sourcing - negotiation - team managing and motivating

Sole Director

Monifit Trading Ltd HK filiale Italiana

Sep 2002 - Feb 2009

Italy branch foundation - clients pool management and increase - intermediary between Italian customers and Asian facilities - human resources management (7 people)

  • product development


  • Staff recruitment and management


  • Industrialization


  • Timing setting and monitoring


  • Product Costs definition


  • negotiation skills

  • suppliers scouting


  • Product Costing







Professional High School of Textile and Fashion Design (BG- Italy)


1984 to 1989

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