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Jay Oh


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London, UK

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A digital marketing expert with 20 years of experience in leading and delivering Pan-European digital marketing operations and campaigns for Samsung and LG on a European scale. Directly communicated with internal and client side C-level stakeholders for proposals and delivery reporting. I also led the transformation of the previous companies business nature for utilisation and process optimisation with implemention of various tools. My focus has been on: - Digital marketing operations with efficiency from continuous project management process improvement and performance monitoring with data - Team management with utilisation optimisation - Managing multi-cultural team across Europe with collaborative culture - Restless peformance analysis under strategic thinking which is applied to day to day operations

  • Brands Jay has worked with
    • Cheil UK
    • GIIR Germany GmbH (HS Ad)
    • Samsung.com European Operations
  • Jay's past titles
    • Head of Performance
    • Head of Retail Marketing
    • Head of Retail Marketing
    • Head Of Digital Marketing
    • Head Of Digital Marketing
    • Head Of Online Marketing
    • Senior Account Manager
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Head of Delivery Efficiency

Cheil UK

Jan 2021 - Mar 2023

In charge of efficiency and profitability of the company's resources (130+) and projects (£20M+), I re established business processes and KPIs, implemented project and resource management tools in UK ...

Head of Data Driven Retail Marketing

Cheil UK

Mar 2020 - Dec 2020

With a mission to digitalise the company's retail marekting business, I did
• Set up an online & offline integrated performance analysis framework for Samsung EHQ
• Managed to develop the first Sams...

Head of Retail Marketing Group

Cheil UK

Sep 2019 - Mar 2020

Enhancing Cheil's existing Retail & Experiential team towards data driven retail marketing group with in store data collection product and pan-European retail DB.

Head of Digital Marketing Centre

GIIR Germany GmbH (HS Ad)

Sep 2016 - Aug 2019

With a goal to step up LG's digital marketing capability in Europe, I established European DMC (Digtal Marketing Centre) in Frankfurt (LG's European HQ). My key achievements are
• Establishing Europe...

Head of Digital Marketing Centre

Cheil UK

Feb 2012 - Aug 2016

As the Head of DMC (Digital Marketing Centre), I managed Samsung's .com and social media operations teams in Europe and initiated European content marketing combined with data analytics then implement...

  • Digital Marketing


  • Web Marketing Strategy


  • Marketing Operations


  • Leadership


  • Web Analytics


  • Project Management


  • Social Marketing


  • Team Building



Sogang University

Bachelor of Arts

1991 to 1997

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