Anbarin Aimaq

1. “Versatile Professional with Experience in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service” 2. “Experienced Sales and Marketing Specialist with Strong Customer Service Background” 3. “Multilingual Sales and Marketing Expert with Comprehensive Customer Service Skills” 4. “Dynamic Professional in Sales, Marketing, and Retail with Excellent Customer Service” 5. “Skilled in Sales, Marketing, Translation, and Customer Service

• Responsible and dedicated customer service team member with proven multitasking and organizational skills. Proficient in operating in a fast paced environment to coordinate paperwork, process payments, and complete orders. Proactively manage shipments and coordinate deliveries with strong attention to detail and a systematic approach. • A dedicated student with a strong academic record and excellent study skills. Generates comprehensive research and prepares thoroughly for examinations to complete accurate work. Learns quickly and applies cultural knowledge to take on challenging assignments. • Detail-oriented Pharmacy Assistant is proficient in payment processing and computer updates. Fast learner and quickly adaptable to new programs, procedures, or guidelines. • Reliable Crew Member with a dynamic and flexible style. Completes high-volume orders to meet service targets. Shares strong food preparation and safety knowledge. • Versatile and hardworking Receptionist driven to improve productivity and customer relations with a professional demeanour and attention to detail.

Previous Brands
Khairy Olives
Market House Dental Surgery
Work Experience
Crew Member
Mar ‘22 - Dec ‘22

• Flexible took on various roles to support workflow. • Served high volumes of guests in fast-paced service environments with exceptional customer care. • Achieved excellent customer service by greeting customers and meeting quality expectations. • Addressed questions, concerns, and complaints of customers. Hindi Fluent Urdu Fluent Turkish Intermediate • Took cash and card payments at checkout, providing correct change and receipts when requested. • Maintained clean and sanitary food preparation areas and equipment. • Leveraged strong ambition and business acumen, regularly exceeding targets and expectations. • Attended to customers with friendly and accurate service.

Dental Receptionist
Mar ‘20 - Aug ‘20
Market House Dental Surgery

Medical counter assistance refers to the provision of support and guidance to individuals seeking medical products, information, or advice at a pharmacy or healthcare facility's front counter or retail area. The primary goal of medical counter assistance is to ensure that customers or patients receive the appropriate medications, healthcare products, or services they need to address their health concerns. The role of a medical counter assistant typically involves interacting directly with customers or patients and providing them with information and assistance related to over-the-counter (OTC) medications, healthcare supplies, and general health inquiries. Some common responsibilities of a medical counter assistant may include: 1. Customer Service: Greeting customers or patients, listening to their needs, and providing friendly and professional assistance. This may involve answering questions, providing recommendations, and offering guidance on appropriate products or services. 2. Product Knowledge: Having a comprehensive understanding of the various OTC medications, supplements, and healthcare products available in the store. This includes being familiar with their uses, dosage instructions, potential side effects, and any relevant precautions or contraindications. 3. Medication Dispensing: Assisting customers with the selection and purchase of OTC medications. This may involve retrieving products from the shelves, ensuring proper labeling and packaging, and explaining usage instructions or any necessary precautions. 4. Health Information: Providing accurate and reliable information on common health conditions, symptoms, and self-care measures. Medical counter assistants may offer general advice on managing minor ailments, recommend appropriate OTC treatments, or suggest when it is necessary to consult a healthcare professional. 5. Referrals: Recognizing situations where customers' health concerns require professional medical attention and referring them to a pharmacist, nurse, or other healthcare provider when necessary. This may involve identifying symptoms that indicate a more serious condition or advising customers to consult a doctor for further evaluation. 6. Cashier Duties: Operating the cash register, handling financial transactions, and ensuring accurate pricing and inventory management. 7. Privacy and Confidentiality: Respecting customer privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of their personal and health information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Medical counter assistance requires strong interpersonal and communication skills, a good understanding of common health conditions and treatments, and the ability to work effectively as part of a healthcare team. It is essential to provide accurate information, exercise good judgment in recommending appropriate products, and ensure customer satisfaction and safety.

Medicine Counter Assistant
Mar ‘20 - Aug ‘20

Selected, labelled, and dispensed prescriptions accurately, in line with standard operating procedures. welcomed customers and provided friendly, knowledgeable healthcare advice and service. Delivered professional advice over the counter, recommending appropriate products and explaining the correct application. Maintained confidential patient records in line with data protection laws. Confirm patient details before dispensing medication, eliminating prescription errors. Managed new stock deliveries, ensuring correct drug supplies and safe medication storage. Answered telephones and provided information about order status, shop hours, and pharmacy procedures.

Aug ‘19 - Feb ‘20

We work with Afghans and Central Asians living away from their homeland, providing them with support, skills, and knowledge to live and prosper in the UK. Our wide range of services includes English language classes, employment workshops, a women's support group, a Saturday school and homework club, youth and family support services, drop-in and telephone advice, volunteer placements, and cultural and social events. We provide outreach and visits to individuals and families in detention. • Designed event set-up and displays to match client requests. • Provided audio-visual equipment to suit exact conference and seminar requirements. • Facilitated smooth running of events averaging ACAA guests.

Customer Service Assistant
Dec ‘18 - Jul ‘19
Khairy Olives

Provided service with a smile, offering courteous, helpful advice to best meet customer needs. Assisted customers with varying questions using product knowledge and service expertise. Managed high-volume customer queries simultaneously through effective multitasking. Maintained spotlessly clean sales floors, organising merchandise for visually appealing displays. Provided warm, positive customer care from arrival to departure, encouraging return visits and repeat spending. Delivered an exceptional level of service to each customer by listening to concerns and answering questions. Helped colleagues with handling complex queries, decreasing turnaround times. Answered customer telephone calls promptly and improved on-hold wait times

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High-end luxury
Work Environment
Shopping centre
Product Category
Watches & Jewelry
Beauty & Fragrances
Leather goods
Complaint handling
Cash register
Returns & Exchanges
Online orders fulfilment
Product labelling
Inventory control
Order preparation
Stockroom management
Stock control
Delivery processing
Store Maintenance
Product setup
Product demos
Client Advising
Client Help
Turkish - Basic
English - Native
Hindi - Fluent
Urdu - Native
Arabic - Basic
Persian - Native
Pushto - Native