Dellesha Cox

Teaching Assistant

hardworking persevering and positive individual who has the ability to connect with others work in groups and listen constructively when necessary to ensure the best outcome of a situation or task given . | am currently looking for a job within the creative and customer service industries.

Previous Brands
55 Gispy rdNorwood London SE27 9NP
Slaybox limited 55 Loughborough rd Sw9 7th
The Roundhouse
Work Experience
Dec ‘23 - Now

At appetite4work agency my shifts alternate from Chiswick (the brewery) to Waterloo (the old vic).With my shifts alternating so do my positions .at the brewery as a plate waiter I have the duty of dealing with queries plate hand out and plate clean up as well as cup polishing .However at the old vic being an usher I was given the job to guide guest to exits and also had the opportunity to work alongside Patrick forton and other significant actors .

Teaching assistant /understudy
Jun ‘22 - Jan ‘22
55 Gispy rdNorwood London SE27 9NP

I got the opportunity to supervise a primary teacher as a teacher assistant this job took a lot of perserverance as had both the responsibility to supervise children of ages 56 and complete tasks given within specific times zone. This job enhanced my interactive and creative skills.

Jan ‘22 - Jan ‘23
Slaybox limited 55 Loughborough rd Sw9 7th

being a recoptionist at slaybox hair salon meant would greet new/visiting customers, book their appointments and introduce them to their stylists. This job also consisted of admin work meaning I'd book in appointments reply to enquiries both in person online and over the phone and I also had to keep track of the calendar system ensuring both hairstylist and customers had reminders of their booked appointments. while also working at slay box as an understudy also had to analyse and communicate with hairstylists about their positions and techniques this expanded my knowledge about hairstyling and worked my communication and multitasking skills .

Jan ‘19 - Jan ‘20
The Roundhouse

the Roundhouse club being an hugely creative meant that i had the opportunity to meet and great with huge inderpendant creative artists from producers, vocalists and instrument play.Round house club challenged my teamwork skills as we had to work in groups however the roundhouse club improved my teamwork ability:

Retail Experience
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Work Environment
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Client Help
Complaint handling
Cash register
Order preparation
Store Maintenance
Education & Training
Kingston College
‘23 - ‘25
St. Martins in the Field High School for Girls
‘18 - ‘23
General Certificate of Secondary Education