Syed Tanvir

Sales Assistant

I am a charismatic and diligent worker who is looking for an occupation where I can become a valuable asset to a great team. I can provide a consistent result of a high standard, and someone who you can always depend on to get a job done. I take immense pride in my work and my output reflects it.

Previous Brands
Kasturi Restaurant
Private-Hire Tutor
Work Experience
Sales Assistant
Jul ‘22 - Nov ‘22

I have worked at Uniqlo on Regent Street, notably the ground floor which has been referred to by many Uniqlo staf as the "most important floor of the most important store in the UK." Uniqlo is famous for its incredible shop floor standards, and I was part of a team directly responsible for upholding this reputation. Mentorship in Japanese eficiency systems and being constantly urged to take initiative forced my exponential growth, and has ingrained ideas to help me create an eficient work environment for both myself and those around me. What separates me from those in a similar role to me, is my ability to make customers feel special and well addressed, without compromising the flow of systems in the store. I know what sort of experience a customer is looking for when they enter a store, and more importantly I know how to provide it. I am enthusiastic about maintaining an excellent environment and will often go the extra mile by staying for overtime or learning advanced tasks to ensure a gold standard, and I carry that atitude to any place at any time.

Team Member
Aug ‘21 - Jun ‘22

For a period of time I worked in KFC, where I collaborate with team members in a high-pressure work environment, in the process, developing my communication abilities and acquiring the skills for on-the-spot decision making. I was primarily assigned to roles where I was directly responsible for customer satisfaction, whether that be dealing with dificult situations or providing assistance to patrons. This was due to my ability to connect with consumers, and provide a unique and welcoming experience. I was also highly praised for my quick and natural ability to pick up the skills and knowledge to eficiently carry out my role, most notably at the tills where I adhered to the role much faster than anyone before me as well as becoming one of the most reliable workers in very hectic periods.

Oct ‘20 - Apr ‘21
Private-Hire Tutor

At sixteen years of age, I took the initiative to create and advertise my own private tutoring business, which instilled new methods of organisation, and improved my mentorship skills as well as my ability to convey ideas. Marketing my service helped me gain some understanding in how to best appeal to potential clients. Experience as a tutor resulted in an improved capability in teaching others, and this was applied in my later job at KFC where I was often assigned to mentoring new employees, as I was a proficient teacher.

Jul ‘18 - Mar ‘20
Kasturi Restaurant

I worked for over a year at a mid-high end restaurant, where I was required to provide a quality service, while staying on the ball at all times. It taught me how to provide a memorable experience and how to interact with customers in a classier and more formal environment. I was regularly trusted with handling payments, taking orders, serving dishes and in general keeping the shop floor up to a high standard of cleanliness. Improving my coordination, interpersonal skills and my composure in high stress situations.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
Flagship store
Product Category
Leather goods
Client Help
Complaint handling
Client Advising
Cash register
Returns & Exchanges
Product labelling
Product setup
Inventory control
Delivery processing
Stockroom management
Stock control
Store Maintenance
Order preparation
Bengali - Native
English - Native
Education & Training
Queen Mary University of London
‘22 - ‘23
Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering
Norlington Sixth Form
‘20 - ‘22
A-levels, Level 3, Physics, Mathematics & Product Design
Norlington School
‘15 - ‘20
GCSEs, Level 2