Bianca Boar

Visual Communication | Graphic Design | Digital Design
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With solid skills in digital design, notable animation and video editing abilities, my true passion unfolds in the areas of layout, typography, and branding. Eager to expand my horizons and contribute to a vibrant professional team, I am dedicated to evolving my conceptual thinking and deepening my branding skills. This drive is fuelled by my commitment to turning ideas into tangible realities, especially for projects with a positive impact in the world. My focus and passion is on creating designs that are not only visually captivating but also rich in concept and meaning.

Previous Brands
Caffè Concerto
Compost Design
David Game Higher Education (DGHE)
Signet Jewelers
Work Experience
Freelance Graphic Designer
Aug ‘23 - Sep ‘23
David Game Higher Education (DGHE)

Collaborated with three fellow alumni to establish the brand identity for the "Climate Matters" Symposium. I managed the social media design and video content production during the event, and also contributed to creating poster designs.

Digital Designer
Aug ‘21 - Now
Signet Jewelers

In my role, I create graphics, animations, digital assets, and banners for H. Samuel and Ernest Jones brands, focusing on conceptualising visuals that align with each brand’s unique personality and guidelines. I carefully consider the target audience, purpose, and unique brand personalities, crafting designs that effectively capture the distinct tone of each brand and resonate with the intended audience. A significant part of my work involves ensuring design consistency across all platforms.

Graphic Designer
Jun ‘21 - Jul ‘21
David Game Higher Education (DGHE)

At my former college, I co-designed signage for the Art and Design Department’s, specifically tailored for an art exhibition, showcasing my collaborative skills and ability to create impactful designs in an educational and exhibition setting.

Web Designing
Apr ‘21 - May ‘21
Compost Design

I designed the website identity for the UCF BA Photography Degree Show’s online exhibition. I created engaging layouts for the homepage and student pages, ensuring a visually cohesive online showcase.

Administrative Assistant
Jan ‘17 - May ‘20
Caffè Concerto

English - Fluent
Romanian - Native
Spanish - Basic
Education & Training
University of Gloucestershire
‘20 - ‘21
Bachelor of Arts - BA
David Game Higher Education (DGHE)
‘18 - ‘20
Higher National Diploma
London, UK