Muna Ibrahim


● I am a self –motivated, energetic and hardworking person with tremendous interest in the retail and hospitality industry ● I am a second-year Bsc (Hons) biomedical science student, I am currently working towards achieving 2:1. ● I have proficiency in laboratory tasks, demonstrating a high level of accuracy. ● I have gained a pharmacy NVQ level 2 qualification, through my work experience in a pharmacy. ● Additionally, I completed a health and safety Level 2 online course and ACT awareness e-learning. ● I am currently working covid testing site, through this I have developed excellent teamwork skills. Moreover, I am familiar with a workforce that is under deep cleaning conditions. ● I have substantial skills in writing reports and analysing data. I have developed data analysing ● Over the years I have developed exceptional communication and teamwork skills. ● I am now seeking to obtain a part time retail position where I can apply my knowledge, experience, skills and loyalty to make real contribution to your organization. In exchange for career guidance, training and opportunity for advancement.

Previous Brands
German Doner Kebab
Work Experience
Dec ‘20 - Aug ‘21
German Doner Kebab

• I worked 4 days a week, through this my communication skills as well as learning to be comfortable with a fast-paced environment. • It made me more organised with my time. • I quickly got elevated to supervisor due to my passion and did my maximum effort to meet customers' demands. • I have done a cash-out, this means I was responsible for the money that went in and passed on the information. Tutoring • Working as a private tutor, I monitored the progression of the students. Planned lessons and marked exams and homework. As well as managing my A-level exams. • Worked with a variety of families, backgrounds, and religions. This made me open-minded and learned a lot from different parts of the world.

Retail Experience
Client Help
Complaint handling
Arabic - Fluent
English - Fluent
Somali - Native
Education & Training
‘20 - ‘23
Bachelor of Science
Ruislip High School
Sixth form