Maria Ros Jones


Open to Opportunities

Maria Ros Jones

I consider myself as someone very passionate and curious, a team-player, analytical and proactive..

Current Location

Paris, France

Maria is open to new work opportunities

I am passionate about fashion, retail, cosmetics, trends and applied artificial intelligence. I have developed my career on Marketing, PR and Operations, and would love to keep growing as a professional in these areas.

In my past work experiences, I have taken part in challenging projects in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, France and Monaco. By working in a diverse workplace, I have acquired cross-cultural and adaptability skills and learnt how to deal with complex situations and limited resources.

I love taking part in challenging projects and getting out of my comfort zone!


Not only I've always been a leader in my personal life but also in the workplace. I'm a people's person. I am very understanding, empathetic and have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. It is very easy for me to get along with people and motivate them to work towards a common goal, enhancing everyone's growth. I always have initiative and I love sharing ideas and thinking outside of the box, and part of this is what makes me a good leader.

Working in the fashion industry, post-covid, has given me the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment with lots going on. All the events were back on, a lot of market re-adaptability strategy-wise and sales targets higher than ever. During these past couple years I have developed a critical-thinking mindset, problem-solving skills and capacity to adapt.

I am an ambitious person, constantly seeking out new learning opportunities. I am always reading or listening to something that may teach me or broaden my knowledge in different aspects. In the workplace I do not mind asking questions, having initiative, proposing ideas and exploring different paths and strategies.

Let’s talk! I would love to connect with you! Please feel free to reach me at:

  • Brands Maria has worked with
    • Optiassets
    • Luxottica
    • Megasport S.A.
    • Rapsodia
  • Maria's past titles
    • Business Manager
    • Retail Marketing Specialist
    • Junior Marketing
    • Marketing Intern
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Business Manager


Sep 2022 - Present

Responsible of all Operational, Business Development and Sales activities
▪Developed all Marketing projects (marketing strategy, collabs, sponsorships) across Europe
▪Planned and implemented the PR...

Responsible for Retail Marketing


Jul 2021 - Sep 2022

Implemented and followed-up all the brand's guidelines, campaigns and launchings across Iberia withing budget and deadlines
▪Analyzed sales to identify insights and carried market research to analyz...

Responsible for Marketing & Communications Junior

Megasport S.A.

Jan 2020 - Jul 2021

Implemented the 13 brands' global marketing strategies to local markets (Spain, Andorra and Portugal)
▪Planned and carried out relevant events and influencer marketing for the different brands acros...

Marketing and PR Intern


Jun 2019 - Sep 2019

▪Assisted with planning and executing marketing objectives for events
▪Participated in the collection's development and launching
▪Supported localization, design and development of local and global ...

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  • Office 365


  • French


  • Leadership


  • Flexible Approach


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  • Customer Centric Solutions



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