Maha Abdelkafy

Social Media manager
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A creative account manager with over 8 years of experience in social media marketing, content creation, copywriting, scriptwriting, and directing and optimizing impactful social media campaigns. Proficiently merges creative, digital, and commercial leadership strategically, elevating brand reputation and amplifying visibility; currently fostering my expertise in leading projects, building holistic strategies, content writing, branding campaigns, expanding artistic marketing vision, and taking on new challenges. Adept at prioritizing and efficiently managing multiple assignments, consistently delivering exceptional results. Foster's continuous improvement and wields influence over critical business decisions through data-driven recommendations. Harnesses advanced communication skills to cultivate and sustain diverse working relationships across all organizational levels. I have worked with esteemed clients such as Qatar Tourism, Al Jazeera Media Network, Vodafone, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and QNB Group.

Previous Brands
▪"All & About Qatar" Website
Ihlas news agency
MBC Masr TV Channel ▪
MEMAC Ogilvy
▪Sadeem Al Jazeera Media Network
"Safari Qatari Tourism" Magazine ▪
Video Cairo Sat - VCS ▪
Work Experience
Social Media Manager
Jan ‘21 - Now

I have successfully promoted Qatar as a global tourist destination, resulting in a 35% increase in international tourist arrivals. In this role, I strategically oversee the social media of Qatar Tourism, which encompass "Qatar Calendar" and "Visit Qatar". Some key highlights of my contributions include: • Developing and implementing effective social media strategies and frameworks, resulting in a 45% increase in overall engagement and a 30% rise in website traffic. • Collaborating with internal and external teams to drive complex and high-quality projects, leading to the successful execution of major campaigns for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, F1® Qatar Grand Prix, and PSG. • Creating optimized, user-centric, data-driven social content for marketing and awareness campaigns, resulting in a 50% increase in click-through rates. • Building an effective brand advocacy program that led to a 20% growth in user-generated content and positive brand mentions. • Presenting reports on communication effectiveness and social media engagement, leading to data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement in campaign performance. • Optimizing content delivery across owned, paid, and earned channels. • Analyzing target audience comprehension, social media trends, and technology developments. • Enhancing customer experience and resolving issues promptly. • Strengthening relationships with key stakeholders. • Managing monthly calendars of events, initiatives, and stakeholder activities. • Identifying and evaluating influencers using Tubular and Klear tools. • Supporting copywriting efforts for social channels. • Providing valuable advice and support to strategic decision-makers. • Consistently optimizing social media campaigns and achieving business goals. • Mapping yearly strategies, marketing plans, and content pillars for social calendars. • Conducting benchmark research of industry competitors and proposing best practices. • Increasing engagement, evaluating campaigns, and analyzing reports. • Assuring quality control and reviewing content creation. • Managing relationships with stakeholders, partners, media, and influencers. • Executing regular content collaborations with Qatar Airways and HIA channels. • Leading content integration between social media, website, and paid media. • Liaising initiatives with PR, Campaigns, Events, and Service Excellence departments. • Project management of global and regional events and campaigns on social media, including: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ / FIFA Arab Cup™ / PSG Campaigns / F1® Qatar Grand Prix / MotoGP / QIFF

Engagement Producer and Social Media Manager
Jan ‘18 - Jan ‘21
▪Sadeem Al Jazeera Media Network

As an Engagement Producer and Social Media Manager at Sadeem Al Jazeera Media Network, I successfully owned and managed significant projects, collaborating closely with stakeholders to achieve desired outcomes. Sadeem Competition, Sadeem Studios, and Barlaman Sha3b: • Prepared comprehensive engagement reports, providing valuable insights into audience interactions and campaign performance. • Monitored and analyzed platform metrics using analytical tools, identifying optimization and growth opportunities. • Refined Arabic captions and visual copy to align with the brand's tone and messaging. • Created a catalog to ensure consistent and cohesive communication. • Produced engaging social media content, including episodic content, promos, teasers, bloopers, and stories. • Created compelling captions and visual copy to enhance brand identity. • Managed community engagement across all platforms. • Conducted data analysis to inform strategic decision-making and optimize content performance. • Prepared and presented engagement reports with actionable recommendations. • Managed content uploading using WordPress.

Social Media Executive
Jan ‘18 - Jan ‘18

As a Social Media Executive at Netizency in Doha, Qatar, I managed clients' social media accounts, overseeing content creation, stakeholder management, report writing, and campaign conception. • Demonstrated exceptional linguistic skills in Arabic and English, managing to copywrite for captions and visual content to engage diverse target audiences effectively. • Acted as a crucial interface between clients and the creative team, facilitating seamless communication and providing clear briefs for creating static visuals, GIF illustrations, or videos. • Presented brand campaign proposals and innovative ideas to enhance client visibility and drive engagement. • Solely handled clients' social media accounts, including posting, scheduling, and curating compelling content to maximize audience engagement. • Developed and maintained content calendars, ensuring a consistent and strategic approach to content creation while maintaining brand voice and campaign objectives.

English Copywriter
Jan ‘17 - Jan ‘18
▪"All & About Qatar" Website

I excelled in writing, editing, and producing top-notch written material across various fields of interest. • Created engaging content through effective stakeholder engagement and meticulous research. • Applied a creative writing style to connect with readers and enhance the website's appeal. • Maintained high-quality standards and followed editorial guidelines. • Collaborated with the editorial team to improve content strategy and user experience. • Stayed updated with industry trends, delivering fresh and informative content. • Received positive feedback from readers and stakeholders, recognizing the quality of my work.

Arabic Journalist▪
Jan ‘16 - Jan ‘17
"Safari Qatari Tourism" Magazine ▪

As a self-employed journalist for "Safari Qatari Tourism" Magazine in Doha, Qatar, I played a vital role in promoting Qatar as a premier tourist destination. • Crafted engaging articles showcasing Qatar's attractions, cultural heritage, and tourist experiences. • Produced high-quality Arabic content tailored to the magazine's target audience. • Conducted interviews with key figures in the tourism industry to provide valuable insights. • Maintained a strong network of contacts in the tourism and hospitality sectors. • Contributed ideas to enhance the magazine's content and readership. • Received positive feedback for promoting Qatar as a desirable travel destination.

Media Manager and Producer
Jan ‘13 - Jan ‘16

As a Media Manager and Producer at MBC Masr in Cairo, Egypt, I managed and optimized the media workflow to ensure smooth operations and efficient server space utilization. • Managed and optimized media workflow for efficient server space utilization. • Proactively maintained server space by deleting unnecessary media files. • Proficiently ingested media for broadcast and post-production needs. • Anticipated and managed potential bottlenecks to minimize downtime. • Facilitated seamless collaboration by delivering media content to other PCs. • Collaborated with studio engineers to address technical issues. • Managed a computerized data entry system as Library Manager. • Supported producers with timely material supply for editing. • Preserved archival master versions of source video content. EARLIER CAREER

Senior Producer and Bureau Chief
Jan ‘13 - Jan ‘13
İhlas Haber Ajansı

• Led a producers, reporters, and journalists team, promoting innovation and journalistic standards. • Planned and executed timely and accurate news coverage on various topics. • Developed and implemented editorial guidelines and newsroom policies. • Cultivated relationships with stakeholders for information and interviews. • Identified compelling story ideas through thorough research and analysis. • Managed the production process and finalized news packages. • Oversaw bureau operations, including budgeting and resource allocation. • Mentored team members to enhance their storytelling skills and expertise. • Leveraged digital platforms and technologies for audience engagement. • Stayed updated on industry trends and geopolitical developments.

Media Manager, Archivist and Producer
Jan ‘02 - Jan ‘11
Video Cairo Sat - VCS ▪

• Led a team in managing and organizing a vast collection of media assets. • Implemented robust archival systems and best practices for content preservation. • Acquired, cataloged, and digitized diverse audiovisual materials. • Coordinated production workflows and streamlined processes. • Managed post-production activities for media content. • Developed strong client relationships and delivered tailored media solutions. • Stayed updated on industry trends and emerging technologies. • Mentored and trained junior team members.

Arabic - Native
English - Fluent
German - Basic
Education & Training
Cairo University
‘99 - ‘02
Bachelor of Science
Doha, Qatar