Serena Sara Sansone

Europe Retail Coordinator

I am a positive, creative, collaborative, hardworking individual, who always strives to achieve the highest standard possible at any given task. With more than 8 years experience in retail management, I am excellent in working with others to achieve a certain objective on time and with excellence. Given the fast paced nature of retail business, I am adaptable and agile while being extremely deadline oriented. What I Do? I am responsible for creating and distributing visual merchandising guidelines across Europe. I ensure not only the day-to-day smooth running of the business I manage, but also the long-term financial success of the enterprise. Operating within a busy, dynamic environment across the office, my role encompasses a diverse array of duties. These include, but are not limited to: Retail Excellence – Execute exceptional retail performance to ensure sales and service Operational Excellence - Execute exceptional operational performance to ensure quality and quantity of stock Team leadership and planning – improve the business value through leading talent/ individuals/ teams and the optimisation of resources Talent Management – acquisition, retention, development and engagement of teams and individuals. As a strong people manager, I manage business performance while coaching and motivating team members to support their growth and development.

Previous Brands
JDSports Fashion Italia Srl Via Alessandro Manzoni 38
Women's Apparel Europe JDSports Fashion Plc HollinsbrookWay Pilsworth Bury BL9 8RR Uk
Work Experience
Retail Coordinator
Sep ‘21 - Now
Women's Apparel Europe JDSports Fashion Plc HollinsbrookWay Pilsworth Bury BL9 8RR Uk

Role Head Office based, with spending at least 30% of my monthly time visiting Europeanstores. •Co-ordinating Retail and Visualdirections to allEuropeanCountries ensuring are country relevant. •Ensuring stores layouts and composition are commercially correct within the relevant country. •Setting guidelines in the company providing accurate feedbackfrom localmarkets. •Working closely withdepartments suchas Marketing and Merchandising ensuring stores executionare correct. •Visit stores on a regular basis ensuring stores are or have the correct VM layout and with the Field Team in developing their strengths and weaknesses. •Working withBrands ondeveloping Branded kit forthe stores. •Understanding and following market trends preparing business analysis to track selling, identify key trends and maximize opportunities. WORKEXPERIENCE

VM ManagerItaly and Scandinavia
Apr ‘15 - Sep ‘21
JDSports Fashion Italia Srl Via Alessandro Manzoni 38

Role Retail based, with spending at least 60% of my monthly time visiting stores. •VisualManagerof 58 stores across the territories of Italy and Scandinavia. •Ensuring efficient execution of the Global VM strategy. •Responsible forstores openings and fittings across Europe. •Managerof all VM structure to execute the VM standards and guidelines according to the VM calendar. •Collaborate withcross-functionaldepartments ensuring correct usage, implementation and presentation of product packages, store fittings, in-store communication material, campaigns and VisualMerchandising tools. •Monitoring photo reports and market visits ensuring VM standards are met and exceeded inallmarkets. •Training and Coaching Managers and VM team, working to develop their understanding of the brand image. •Ensuring all window and interior presentations comply the highest possible standards. •Managing retailbudget, ensuring manageable costs are controlled.

Italian - Native
English - Native
French - Work Proficiency
Paris, France