Hedaya Hachem

I’m a fast learner, easy going, hard working, knowledgeable and a people’s person.

I have a passion for creating exceptional experiences. Having honed my skills in the vibrant world of EL&N, i seamlessly blended creativity with precision to craft unforgettable moments. As a former luxury sales associate, i became adept at understanding the nuanced desires of clients, providing tailored solutions, and cultivating lasting relationships.

Previous Brands
Barista, EL&N
Barista, Yummy Licks
Work Experience
Sales associate
Jun ‘23 - Dec ‘23
TBC· Agency

I possess an exceptional ability to cater to high-end clientele, delivering personalised service that exceeds expectations. With professionalism, I adeptly handle diverse customer needs and expectations, ensuring a seamless and refined experience. My in-depth knowledge of luxury brands, products, materials, and craftsmanship enables me to convey product details and advantages convincingly, establishing a sense of trust with discerning customers. Drawing from my experience, I excel in building and maintaining long-term client relationships, understanding the importance of cultivating loyalty in the luxury market. Additionally, my skills extend to effective inventory management, where I excel in tracking stock and ensuring the availability of popular items.

Aug ‘20 - Oct ‘22

In my role at EL&N, I not only memorised over 80 different drinks but also offered assistance with a welcoming smile. Handling the cash register and managing payments became second nature, and I maintained a keen awareness of opening and closing procedures. Keeping a watchful eye on stock levels, I communicated efficiently with the manager to ensure a well-stocked environment. Additionally, I seamlessly transitioned into the role of a waitress when needed, delivering exceptional customer service. Amidst the hustle, I excelled under pressure, consistently completing 10 tickets of drinks with precision and perfect timing.

Jun ‘20 - Jun ‘21
Barista, Yummy Licks

In my role, I prioritised food safety, handling and serving food with a strong emphasis on sanitation. I contributed to maintaining an appealing sales environment by actively participating in the setup of eye-catching visual displays. My commitment to a positive customer experience was evident through efficient payment handling, encompassing cash, credit, and debit transactions. Simultaneously, I excelled in stock management, ensuring a well-organised and tidy space. Additionally, my attention to detail extended to packaging orders for timely deliveries with services like Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
Shopping centre
Product Category
Beauty & Fragrances
Watches & Jewelry
Client Help
Complaint handling
Client Advising
Cash register
Product labelling
Product setup
Inventory control
Delivery processing
Stock control
Store Maintenance
Health & safety
Open/closing store
Education & Training
William Morris Sixth Form
SOAS University
Bachelor of Science