Mary Dornu Gbaamo

A hard-working individual, learn to work quickly and efficiently under pressure.

I am friendly, helpful and polite. Able to work independently and in a big team in busy environments. Focus on self-improvement and eager to learn new skills. Able to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis. An organised person, like to manage workload, and being organised at all times. Learn to work quickly and efficiently under pressure.

Previous Brands
Barchester Wimbledon Beaumont Care Home.
Work Experience
Care assistant
Sep ‘23 - Now
Barchester Wimbledon Beaumont Care Home.

I work as a activists in a care home. My role is to assist residents in doing things such as staying fit, which aids in their mobility. I also work as a care assistant. My role is to provide emotional and physical support for vulnerable and frail people. My duties include bathing, feeding and dressing patients as well as recording care progress.

Crew member
Dec ‘21 - Dec ‘22

Worked in McDonald’s for a year and gained soft skills such as: communication, customer service, adaptability, handling difficult situation, planning and organising. These are all important because these are the skills employers value in employee. In McDonalds I perform multiple tasks at once. With multitasking, I can divide my attention while still fulfilling my job duties. For example, as a cashier, I can manage the check-out lanes, greet customers as they enter the store and speak to customers who call the store's phone, all at the same time. Multi- tasking is essential skill because it will benefit me from working in jobs for example, retail.

Jan ‘24

70 hours. My role is a set of day-to-day activities which is financial planning and record keeping. I gained technology skills such as using Microsoft office (Word, PowerPoint, and excel).

Jun ‘22

is to record billing, ensure passport are accurate.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
High-end luxury
Work Environment
Shopping centre
Department store
High street store
Product Category
Watches & Jewelry
Beauty & Fragrances
Leather goods
Stock control
Product labelling
Product setup
Order preparation
Delivery processing
Store Maintenance
Open/closing store
Education & Training
Kingston College
‘22 - ‘24
study level 3 foundation diploma health and social care