Asila Nassor

Friendly, detail-oriented, team player. Love connecting with customers, strong work ethic and also skilled !

I am a highly motivated, reliable, punctual and hardworking young woman with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I consider myself very ambitious and a proactive individual who works well both independently and as part of a team. I believe life gives me opportunities when I am prepared, so I do my best to stay prepared.

Previous Brands
Selfridges Head Office
Work Experience
Beauty Advisor
Nov ‘23 - Now

1. Skincare Consultations: As a beauty adviser, I conducted personalized skincare consultations with customers, analyzing their skin type, concerns, and goals. I recommended suitable skincare products and educated them on proper skincare routines. 1. Makeup Application: I had the opportunity to showcase my makeup skills by providing makeup application services to customers. Whether it was a natural everyday look or a glamorous evening look, I helped customers achieve their desired makeup looks and provided tips and tricks along the way. 1. Product Demonstrations: One of my responsibilities as a beauty adviser was to demonstrate the usage and benefits of various beauty products. I showcased the features of skincare items, makeup products, and tools to help customers make informed purchasing decisions. 1. Sales and Customer Service: I excelled in sales by actively engaging with customers, understanding their needs, and recommending appropriate products. I built strong relationships with customers, ensuring they had a positive and personalized shopping experience. 1. Trend Awareness: As a beauty adviser, I stayed up-to-date with the latest beauty trends, product launches, and industry developments. I shared this knowledge with customers, offering recommendations based on current trends and customer preferences.

Retail Assistant (Temporary)
Dec ‘22 - Jan ‘23

• Provided exceptional customer service by assisting customers with product inquiries and purchases. • Maintained a clean and organized sales floor, ensuring a positive shopping experience for customers. • Utilized strong product knowledge to recommend and upsell merchandise. • Managed inventory and restocked merchandise, ensuring accurate stock levels on the sales floor. • Organized and maintained the stock room, optimizing efficiency and accessibility of products. • Collaborated with the retail team to fulfill customer orders and ensure timely product replenishment.

Data Inputter
Jul ‘22 - Aug ‘22
Selfridges Head Office

this job role included me entering data in Selfridges part of a data entry project in the Selfridges head office this included : entering data on to Microsoft spreadsheets . searching for product barcodes and SKUs and finding the individual products/brands and linking them . entering and reporting any missing information from the spreadsheets and products list.

net a porter
May ‘22 - Jul ‘22

At this job I was responsible for packing and inspecting luxury clothes and preparing them to be packaged for example steaming and removing extra tags and fabric on each item and also folding and packing them in the correct boxes for shipment

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
High street store
Department store
Product Category
Beauty & Fragrances
Client Help
Online orders fulfilment
Product demos
Client Advising
Inventory control
Product labelling
Store Maintenance
Product setup