Dario Cavallini



Dario Cavallini

Trustworthy, available, problem solving, determinate.

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Como, CO, Italia

Dario is available for work

I started working right after high school. I'm single, I decided after experience in major stores in my
hometown, to go to London, to have more international experience, to improve the English language. I
began almost immediately to work for major stores and fashion and luxury brands, both Italian and
foreign. I learned a lot and very young, with great commitment and determination have made a career
out pretty fast, having the opportunity to be able to track merchandise staging courses, buyers, interior
and exterior visual, back office and customer service. I was also given the opportunity to deal with staff
recruitment and management, specialization courses within the corporation. After years abroad, I
decided for personal reasons to return to Italy, where I worked in different roles and sectors, always in
the fashion industry; but also as a store clerk, customer service, back office.I strongly believe that in life
there is always more to learn and I want to provide my professional experience and my skills to
companies and at the same time I would like to work at a company where power grow and improve
every day. My goals are: Iwould like to improve my career and work or collaborate as area manager,
retail manager, store manager, human resources, back office or customer support are also available to
any transfers and to travel. I have possibilities for accommodation is in Como and Milan,.I am also
available to assess professional opportunities in Italy and abroad, willing to relocate.

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