Paola Mossa



Paola Mossa

Merchandising Manager/Buyer/Brand Manager

Current Location

Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

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I'm a Merchandising & Buying Director with a solid international professional experience (in Italy, in Paris, France and in New York, US), with a specific knowledge of foreign markets and with also a background in product development, which I gained working for important brands in the "Luxury" and "Alternative to Luxury" segments. For over 20 years I've been supporting Multinationals, SMEs and Start Ups in the Fashion and Luxury goods sector for the development of corporate business, overseeing Collection & Retail Merchandising/Buying and Brand management. I have a strategic vision aimed at optimizing costs, profitability, and image consistency, therefore: • I implement and optimize Merchandising processes, as well as operational and strategic ones. • I rationalize the collection structure, ensuring the maximum efficiency. • I optimize the Buying team, as well as purchasing strategies and processes. • I cooperate with several corporate functions to optimize commercial strategies (Design, Communication, Visual, Operations). • I optimize the sales team performances with an accurate training on the product.

  • Brands Paola has worked with
    • PHILIPP PLEIN (2021).
    • Ermanno Scervino
    • Patrizia Pepe
    • Etro
    • Gucci Spa
    • Gap International
    • David Glazer Inc.
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Temporary Management


Jan 2022 - Present

I consulted for a Chinese owned start up brand positioned in the Luxury market.
I provided a round consultancy on Brand strategy, positioning, merchandising, sales and PR working very closely with Des...

Merchandising Director


Jan 2021 - Dec 2021

I was contacted by some ex collegues to build a Merchandising function
I worked very closed to the owner both in the collection development analizing the trends and on the buying for the store. It was...

Merchandising Director

Ermanno Scervino

Jan 2020 - Jan 2021

I was contacted for a temporary project to reposition the brand
The goal was to rationalise the first line and to relaunch the second line as well as managing more professionally the stores and build ...

Merchandising & Buying Director

Patrizia Pepe

Jun 2018 - Dec 2019

I was contacted in a phase of reorganization and rebranding of the company
I contributed to the rebranding hiring a new designer as a free lance and working very closely to PR for the strategy and wit...

Head of Buying & Retail Merchandising


Apr 2012 - Mar 2018

I was contacted for teh position of Head of Buiyng to organize a more rational, managerial buying process withing the company
The result has been a notable improvement in the sales.

  • Fashion Buying


  • Trend Forecasting


  • Merchandise


  • Budget Analysis


  • Fashion Consulting


  • Merchandising Strategies



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