Yndra Rodriguez



Yndra Rodriguez

Fashion Design | Tech Packs | 2D & 3D Illustrations | Patterns | Product Development

Current Location

Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

Yndra is available for work

Fashion Design | Tech Packs | 2D & 3D Illustrations | Patterns | Product Development

  • Brands Yndra has worked with
    • Upwork
    • Pianoforte Holding
    • Passiton Jeans - Industria Pichardo Herrera
  • Yndra's past titles
    • Fashion Design Specialist
    • Product Development Assistant
    • Fashion Design Specialist
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Open to relocation

Work Pattern

Open to Full time or Part time work

Employment Preference
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Fashion Online freelancer


Jan 2021 - Present

Sale to international clients: Fashion designs, Fashion Collections,Tech Packs, brand consul ting, patterns and 2D & 3D fashion Illustrations.

Sportwear and RTW Product Development

Pianoforte Holding

Oct 2017 - Jun 2018

•Product anagraphic manage
•Development and update of technical files
•Compilation of the bill of materials" (BOM) and fabrics review
•Organize collection boards and color ranges by season

Fashion Design & Product Development

Passiton Jeans - Industria Pichardo Herrera

Jan 2009 - Dec 2015

•Following each step from research, moodboard, feasible designs up to date on trends, aligned with the brand's DNA and market, to prototyping and sampling till putting the pro ducts into production

  • Tech Packs


  • Fashion Design


  • 3D Rendering


  • Fashion Illustration


  • Product Development


  • Pattern Development





Istituto Marangoni of Milan


Fashion & Luxury Brand Management

2017 to 2018

Istituto Marangoni of Milan


Fashion Design

2014 to 2014



Fashion Design

2004 to 2009

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