Michael Jasinski



Michael Jasinski

I have over 4 years experience as a freelance Fashion Editor / Stylist. I have great sense of style and eye for details.

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London, UK

Michael is available for work

Creative and detail orientated freelance Fashion Stylist with proven track record in preparing fashion editorials. | am highly motivated with a professional attitude to all areas of work. Having excellent communication skills and the abilty to build strong relationships within the work place has enabled me to work well with team members and peers alike. | feel the development of myself and others are incredibly important and make sure | make myself available at all times to ensure this. My past and recent experiences have allowed me to be successful during my different roles in different and diverse environments. | have been able to build on my personal goal to be successful in the fashion industry having observed and learned how being part of a team is key to my success were adapting to different working practises make this possible.

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Fashion Editor / Stylist

Self Employed

Jan 2018 - Present

Working as a Freelance Fashion Editor / Stylist for magazines like Harpers Bazaar Vietnam, Schon, Desnudo, Man About Town etc

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