Piyush Jain Sanjay

Versatile Product Manager

Studying Artificial Intelligence at Oxford Brookes University has been a thrilling journey, one that has significantly enriched my perspective and skills. My prior experience in the retail sector has equipped me with invaluable skills that I have seamlessly integrated into my academic pursuits. My time in retail has honed my interpersonal and communication skills, enabling me to connect with diverse individuals, understand their unique needs, and offer tailored solutions. It has instilled a strong work ethic and a commitment to efficiency and accuracy, particularly during my time as a cashier and stockroom manager. These experiences have also fostered adaptability and problem-solving, as the retail landscape constantly evolves. I´ve learned the art of teamwork, working in tandem with colleagues to deliver top-notch service. This background, combined with my AI studies, fuels my ambition to enhance and develop AI solutions that revolutionize industries and improve the lives of individuals. My passion for continuous improvement, cultivated through my retail experience, remains a cornerstone of my academic and professional journey.

Previous Brands
Ganesh Auto Centre
Work Experience
Versatile Sales Assistant
May ‘20 - Aug ‘23
Ganesh Auto Centre

Ganesh Auto Centre stands is a trusted name in Bangalore´s automobile landscape, specializing in two-wheeler spare parts. Our store is a hub for high-quality spare parts and accessories, catering to a broad spectrum of motorcycle and scooter models. With a focus on authenticity and reliability, we offer both genuine and compatible parts to ensure your vehicle´s longevity and optimal performance. Our dedicated team provides expert guidance and customer-centric support. Conveniently located in the heart of Bangalore, Ganesh Auto Centre is the preferred destination for all motorcycle enthusiasts, mechanics, and vehicle owners seeking quality spare parts and seamless service • In my role as a Sales Assistant at a prominent retail store, I fulfilled a wide range of responsibilities, transcending conventional sales duties. My capacity to seamlessly navigate customer service, sales, cashier responsibilities, and stockroom management was pivotal in delivering a superb shopping experience. • 1. Customer Service Excellence: • I prioritised customer satisfaction by providing welcoming and informative service. I employed attentive listening and product expertise to offer personalised assistance, consistently exceeding customer expectations. • 2. Sales Specialist: • I viewed sales as an opportunity to educate customers about our products and their benefits. My deep product knowledge and awareness of industry trends allowed me to inspire and guide customers towards the right choices. • 3. Efficient Cashiering: • At the cashier, I facilitated quick, accurate transactions. My professional, warm approach ensured each customer´s checkout was both efficient and pleasant, leaving them with confidence in the transaction´s accuracy. • 4. Stockroom Management Guru: • Behind the scenes, I played a critical role in maintaining an organized stockroom. I kept the store well-stocked with the latest merchandise, all while meticulously managing inventory. A well-organized stockroom was integral to a seamless in-store experience. • Throughout my tenure, I consistently upheld values of excellence and dedication, offering an authentic and exceptional experience. My passion for our products allowed me to connect with customers on a deeper level, fostering an environment of trust and satisfaction. • By embracing these dynamic responsibilities, I significantly contributed to the success of the retail store, both in terms of sales and operational efficiency. I am proud to have been part of this team and look forward to continuing this journey of excellence. • Throughout my tenure in the retail sector, I consistently surpassed sales targets by a significant margin. This achievement not only showcased my dedication to driving results but also highlighted my ability to understand customer needs and recommend appropriate solutions effectively.

Retail Experience
Client Help
Complaint handling
Cash register
Returns & Exchanges
Client Advising
Product setup
Product labelling
Inventory control
Delivery processing
Stock control
Stockroom management
Store Maintenance
Order preparation
Sanjay Kanther
Direct manager - Owner, Ganesh Auto Centre
May 2020 - Aug 2023

"Working with Piyush at Ganesh Auto Center was truly exceptional. Piyush's dedication to providing excellent customer service as a retail assistant was evident every day. His product knowledge, friendly demeanor, and efficient work ethic significantly contributed to the success of our team. Piyush's commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction made him a valuable asset to Ganesh Auto Center. I highly recommend Piyush for his outstanding performance and positive attitude in the retail environment." - Sanjay

Education & Training
Oxford Brookes University
Unknown - ‘27
Bachelor's degree Artificial Intelligence