Craig Smith



Craig Smith

Chief Digital Officer

Current Location

London, UK

Craig is available for work

A highly experienced Chief Marketing Officer capable of encompassing multiple customer centric specialisms who has built and managed large complex marketing, ecommerce, digital, brand + creative teams of up to 250 people with global P&L's. A track record of developing and delivering over 200 campaigns, websites, digital activations and multinational brand projects spanning over 25 years of working internationally at board level. Brand is the hero and the glue that binds all of the work that's been delivered.

  • Brands Craig has worked with
    • Decidable Global Ltd
    • Capita Consulting
    • Radley London
    • Ted Baker
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Co-founder + Chief Digital Officer

Decidable Global Ltd

Feb 2021 - Present

Co-founding, Seed funding and Deployment of the Decidable platform + brand
•B2B ecommerce ( SaaS )
•Website concept, deployment and evolution ( including CRO + UX + UI )
•Marketing + GTM strategy a...

Digital Design Lead

Capita Consulting

Sep 2020 - Feb 2021

Led a team of 21. Strategised and rebuilt the digital experience design practice within Capita Consulting and produced a strategy for a customer experience and B2B ecommerce framework for all new and ...

Interim Chief Customer Officer

Radley London

Dec 2019 - Jun 2020

Led a team of 26. Working with the board and PE owners to develop a strategy for ecommerce, digital, data, brand + marketing. Focus on driving topline revenue and EBIT growth to maximise sales, growth...

Ecommerce + Marketing Director

Ted Baker

Jun 2017 - Sep 2019

Led global team of 235 people and worked closely with exec and non-exec boards to deliver global ecommerce, technology and digital data strategy to accelerate omnichannel revenue growth.
Ecommerce ope...

Brand + Digital Director

Ted Baker

Jul 2003 - Jun 2017

Led global team developed from 30 to 156 people. Worked closely with exec and non-exec boards to deliver global brand + marketing strategy to support omni channel revenue growth.
Ecommerce and analyti...

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