Mia Castenskjold

Co-Founder at GmbH Limited
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Throughout her career, Mia Castenskjold, an organisational culture expert and B-Corp leader, has placed people and their well-being at the centre of her practice. Her diplomatic approach has helped her to work cross functional and to observe an organisation with a holistic view. Paying attention to details in the dynamics between people has always come naturally to her and allowed her to mediate and build authentic relationships for her clients as much as for herself. She has a commitment to empowering people at work to recognise their own strengths, skills and abilities and to lead businesses to translate culture into a positive and progressive experience. Her bespoke strategies activate culture through meaningful and measurable policies and practices that bring a brand to life. Prior to founding GmbH, she was the director of culture for a global media brand, managing and implementing the programmes she developed for the leadership and staff. In the past, Mia led cultural relationships and strategic communications for global fashion brands. After two decades in London, working across Europe, the US and Asia, Mia has recently relocated to her native Copenhagen from where she continues to work with international clients. In her spare time, she uses her communications role at Marble.Partners, a collaborative art studio, to sustain, nurture and reinforce her creative thinking. She is a former member of the faculty of Central Saint Martins and earned her B.A. Honours degree in Textile and Fashion Design from Central St. Martins College of Art, London.

Previous Brands
GmbH Limited
Acne Studios AB
Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London
Work Experience
May ‘21 - Now
GmbH Limited

GmbH Limited works with companies to define their cultural identity. We bring strategic change to build progressive businesses.

Culture Change management & B-Corp Leader
May ‘19 - May ‘21

Identifying, strategising and directing the culture at KOKO.

Cultural Relations & Events Manager
Oct ‘11 - May ‘19
Acne Studios AB

Special Relations - Working across PR, marketing and retail departments led to Mia creating her own relations strategy which she called Special Relations. It allowed her to develop and maintain authentic relationships between Acne Studios and relevant collaborators. Special Relations enables communication to be coherent within all channels including a consistent tone of voice in visual, social as well as written communication.

Research & Development Tutor
Sep ‘10 - May ‘19
Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London

'Strong researchers make strong designers and this course offers a step-by-step guide through a project, from initial inspiration to final outcome. Be it fashion, textiles, 3D design, painting or any other design discipline, this course will help you establish yourself with a personal and inspiring formula for creative research with the aim of leading you to a great final outcome. The course strongly emphasizes the importance of credible research in every project'.

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German - Basic
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