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Silvina Rodriguez

I love design, I love fashion, I love challenges, I love working hard, I love making happy clients!

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Madrid, Spain

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Hi!. I´m Silvina. I've been working on fashion as an art director for 18 years, industry that I’m passionate about!. After that, I worked in other ones as Senior Graphic designer.
Now I'm open to work on a new company or in a freelance way.

My main and latest experience as an art director, was for a women and kids fashion company from Argentina: Akiabara and Little Akiabara. Both are leading brands in the argentinean fashion market.
Creativity for the identity of both brands, that includes: campaigns ideas and productions (developed in NY, Paris, Uruguay, Argentina), lookbooks, web and social media styling, billboards, advertisements, packaging, hangtags, knitted clothing labels, shopwindows, fabric pattern designs and their combinations, product accessories (produced in Perú, China and India); were my every day goals.
Also I was part on product meetings, choosing fabric qualities, colours for season charts, product styles.

For one year, I was able to continue my work from Seoul, South Korea. It was a unique experience to live trends and fashion from a totally new point of view.

Kids brand in a casual way, gave to me the chance to find out that illustration was something that I really can do and enjoy!.

Today I live in Madrid. And I’m ready to keep learning and to share what I learnt in all of this years. Being creative and enjoying of what I love!.

On this link, you will find my portfolio. Each image is a different project, find out more about them!.

It would be great to hear about your projects and telling to you more about my experience.

Thank you very much and I hope we can be in touch.

Yours faithfully.

Silvina Rodriguez

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Jul 2003 - Sep 2020

The company has two fashion brands, one for woman (Akiabara) and one for kids (Little Akiabara).
I was in charge of all branding design developments for “both brands” (from a hangtag or packaging, to ...



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