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Gemma Noble

Managing Director | Founder | Shareholder | Consultant

Current Location

Solihull, UK

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Through Lid Project I build relationships, seek opportunities, drive sales and set up management structure / process on behalf of other businesses. Lid Project provides a plug in Sales and Business development resource - from Director level to day to day activity.

My varied Fashion & Sales background has taught me a lot, and I pull frequently on experiences gained from working with international and local businesses - both large corporate and SMEs. In 2020 we acquired the majority shareholding of an international ecommerce brand - I lead the team who run this business - both B2B and B2C.

Over the years I have developed versatility in the work place – enjoying strategic activity as well as getting stuck in and learning something new. My management style is often praised - I get results, as well as taking an interest in the personal development of those around me. I pride myself on the ability to create and maintain successful working relationships with partners, clients, customers and colleagues.

My Role at Lid Project is split between the Operational running and delivering on specific client projects, our whole team is frequently out on the road, arranging meetings and setting up partnerships – if you would like to set up a call or a meeting with one of us you can reach us on any of the methods below:
Instagram: @lidproject @lid_gemma

  • Brands Gemma has worked with
    • Catalyst
    • Lid Project
    • Tayroc
    • Miss Macaroon
    • Impulse Fashion Accessories
    • Anatwine
    • Juicy Couture
    • Superdry
    • Bestseller
    • Pixifoto
    • Gap Inc./ Gap
  • Gemma's past titles
    • Operations Consultant
    • Student Mentor
    • Managing Director
    • Advisor to the Board
    • Consultant
    • Managing Director
    • Operations Consultant
    • Head Of Sales Marketing
    • Business Development Consultant
    • Head Of Retail
    • Marketing Director
    • Key Account Manager
    • Export Sales Representative
    • Sales Estimator
    • Creative Manager
    • Visual Specialist
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Feb 2021 - Present


Lid Project

Oct 2020 - Present

Providing mentoring to individuals and start up businesses who are entering the Fashion & Apparel sector. From networking skills through to product pricing structure - I support an individual (or grou...

Managing Director / Owner


Apr 2020 - Present

Following the recent acquisition of Tayroc, Lid Project are the NEW brand and business owners with responsibility for taking this wonderful brand to the next level.

Trusted Advisor to Board of Directors

Miss Macaroon

Apr 2019 - Present

Providing strategic advice to the Miss Macaroon Board of Directors. Specifically around Sales, Business Development, Marketing and Growth of the Social Enterprise.

About Miss Macaroon:

At Miss Macar...


Lid Project

Sep 2015 - Present

We specialise in: Fashion | Retail | Events | Marketing
As a Business development consultant I look for opportunities for our clients businesses to grow. Depending on the project type, I am involved w...

Stuart Lorimer

Consultant, Lid Project

Had a client/business relationship

Gemma, is a fantastic person to have on any team, great work ethic, team player, attention to detail, very fair,

Rachel Denton

Consultant, Lid Project

Had a client/business relationship

Gemma is a true professional and I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on a couple of projects, her passion, positivity and commitment always shines through. Gemma has an entrepreneurial spirit and would be an asset to any business!

  • Fashion


  • Sales


  • Apparel


  • Retail


  • International Sales


  • Sales Management


  • Styling

  • Wholesale




Luton 6th Form College

Art & Design, photography, drama & theatre studies, psychology, English language.

Art & Design, photography, drama & theatre studies, psychology, English language.

n/a to Present

Nottingham Trent University

Fashion Marketing

n/a to Present

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